The Alphabet Project – A is for….

The lovely Charly at PODcast has started a fab new Linky which follows the Alphabet! This is the first week and so that means that the letter is A.

So, here goes;

A is for…………………….

…….Amphibian! IMG_8733

In this case, a frog!

Okay, so it is not a real one, it is a giant wooden one, but I love it!  We discovered him on a walk around our local country park, there was lots to see around the lake and Monkey and Mouse loved discovering all the things on the way. It made the walk more interesting and stopped them thinking about how far we were actually walking.

It was a great day out and one we hope to do again very soon!


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  1. He’s so cool! I wonder if little kids sit on him 🙂

    1. My two did have a little ride on him 🙂

  2. Awesome! What a brilliant frog, POD would be sitting on him in an instant! What great fun. Great spot lovely, thanks for sharing and joining in with #alphabetphoto

    1. Monkey and Mouse did give him a try but I managed to sneak this photo first!

  3. Nice structure, would make great props for photos with the kids

    1. The kids did have a sit on him after!

  4. That is fantastic! What a great find.

    1. He was many of wonderful things to see on the way round.

  5. How wonderful is he!

    1. Isn’t he fab!?

  6. That’s an Amphibian just asking for kids to ride him! #alphabetphoto

    1. Monkey and Mouse *may* have had a little ride!

  7. Ha ha! What a great photo. A great find at your park too, lots of fun!

  8. haha what a fun thing to find!! #alphabetphoto

  9. I love it! Not usually a big fan of frogs but this little fella is great. Wonder who’s idea it was to put a large wooden frog in the park, it’s a bit random!

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