The blog about a journey!

Here it is; the post about actually using the Graco Nautilus 1-2-3 car seat!

So we were all packed up and ready to go – a trip to the farm! Coats on, shoes on, nappies, drinks and the kitchen sink packed (well with a 2 year and 4 month old, you do need everything!) and we headed for the car with the 2yr old singing ‘my new seat, my new seat!!’

Fixing him into the seat was easy, arm in, arm in, buckled together, click in and tighten – nothing unusual or difficult to it, just belted up and ready for the off!

Next step – the most important step of the day – placing his drink in the cup holder

So we had one belted in happy little boy with his drink ready, and the journey began! It takes about 20 minutes to the farm and they were no complaints on the way there about the seat at all, when asked if he was ok, his response came back ‘my am happy!’

So we arrive, loosened the straps and got Legs (his nickname) out – all happy and raring to go! A lovely walk around the farm ensued, it was a wonderful day in the sun, feeding goats, seeing reptiles, playing on tractors and eating ice cream, when it came time to go, Legs was strapped back in for the return journey!

The Nautilus is In and Ready!Only one slight hitch – all of that fresh air induced a need for sleep into a previously very energetic little boy – so a few minutes down the road he fell into slumberland, unfortunately the seat stayed upright on trying to recline the seat, so it wasn’t the best for sleeping in! However, I don’t know if this is because of the seat or our car!


So that was it a journey made in Legs’ ‘new chair’, he loves it – especially the cup holder, which we have found can also be used for food, sunglasses, toys and various other things – the chair gets a big thumbs up!!

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