The Brands I saw at #Britmumslive

A couple of weekends ago I headed to London with many other bloggers for Britmums Live. When I say many others, I believe that equates approximately 700!

It was a great weekend, I spent time with friends,  learnt about social media, found out about new products and services and to be honest just had a whole lot of fun!

I thought I would share with you five of the brands that I enjoyed speaking to and/or learnt something from

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 21.55.43Butlin’s – As you know I am a Butlin’s Ambassador and have been for two years, so it was great to see James and his team to catch up.

I chatted to James about the break we have had and watched as lots of other bloggers registered their interest to be an Ambassador next year.   James and his team were really friendly and willing to share info about Butlin’s (and they had chocolate to give away – Bonus!). There are so many different breaks you can have with Butlin’s and so much information I could share, but my favourite bits from Britmums were hearing about the new West Lake Chalets coming to the Minehead Resort and that there is going to be a big top circus in the summer!

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 21.29.58Boots Opticians – I spent quite a bit of time chatting to Victoria (an optometrist), she was so lovely and so knowledgable. We started chatting about Monkey’s new glasses , then I saw this statistic “1 in 5 primary school children have an undiagnosed vision problem”. I never realised it was that high and it made me glad that we had caught Monkey’s problems now! Victoria mentioned that some children have an undiagnosed vision problem and instead are said to have ‘behavioural problems’ or are struggling with their work. I will admit it, I got a little choked up at this.  Monkey’s learning appears to have gone downhill this year. Not at home, we can see that he is still at the same level but at school he is not producing the work as quick as he needs to, I am hoping the glasses will help. It makes me sad to think children go through school branded as ‘bad’ when actually all they need is glasses!

Parragon Books – I am a Parragon Book Buddy and it was great to see them and their new products. They have a stationary range coming out which I can not wait to get my hands on!

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 22.04.20


A2 Milk – I learnt quite a lot from the ladies at the A2 Milk stall. Cows milk has protein in it; there are two types – A1 and A2. Years ago the cows only had the A2 but now the A1 is the dominant one!

The A1 has been linked to discomfort after drinking milk (even maybe what people actually had trouble with when they think they are lactose intolerant.) The A2 cows don’t have A1 , but the best thing is that it tastes like Milk (well it is milk but you don’t expect it to taste like it!)

Highland Spring – We drink loads of fizzy flavoured water in our house so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a taste of the new Highland Spring flavours; British Apple, British Blackcurrant and British Elderflower! They were amazing, and as strange as it sounds, it wasn’t too sparkly which was fab!


It seems a bit mean to only leave you with five as there were so many fab ones. There was also Key Fetch, a simple keyring you register online and if you lose your keys someone can return them to you anonymously, there was ACUVUE who told me that children can wear contact lenses! Yes really, I am definitely going to look into this more! Lindemans Wine kept us going with tipples for when we needed (and it was gorgeous!) and Spatone gave me an iron test (which came out normal – Yay!), I used to use Spatone but didn’t like the taste – they have now bought out an apple flavoured liquid iron and it is good, I am going to take Iron supplements back up!


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  1. Sounds like there were lots of great brands there! I love Parragon Books 🙂

    1. Parragon are lovely and do some fab products!

  2. There were some great brands there. I really should be thankful to Butlins because they told me to take chocolate for all my kids 😀

    1. The chocolate was good….such a generous bunch!

  3. Sounds like you enjoyed finding out some new information. I liked talking to Acuvue too, as I am considering contacts as an option for my son, and was very surprised having tried out the A1 milk!

    1. Contacts for kids have never crossed my mind before but would definitely consider them now!

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