The BritMums Live Post

Yep, I was one of several hundred bloggers that went to the BritMums Live Blogging Conference in London last weekend!

I was really looking forward to it, a chance to catch up with a great friend of mine (Louise from Team Lloyd) and to meet in real life other people I may have spoken to on Twitter and Facebook and to find some new blogs that I may never have heard of! On top of that I was hungry for Tips, things to help me write stuff people may want to read and I couldn’t wait for the Photography Session to help with my new blog Macro Mum!

Unfortunately we had some awful news as a family and this meant I couldn’t get down to the event until 6 on the Friday Evening – just in time for Men in just their pants serving wine (would it be exploitation if it was women in underwear? – a whole different debate!? Ok then) and the awards.

To be honest Friday Night was not great for me. A very long and emotional day, a long tiring journey, a quick welcome of ‘wine and men upstairs’ and reading some catty comments on twitter about the sessions, meant that after a quick glass of wine, politely clapping the winning bloggers and tea at a local bar , my hotel buddy and I headed back for a chilled out evening!

I was a bit nervous on Saturday Morning, well everybody had been there Friday and made their friends hadn’t they? I was so glad Louise was with me to keep me company, I took a big breath and decided I was going to enjoy and focus on my plan!

Well I had a blast, the photography session run by Julia Boggio was fab and really helped! I loved the tips she shared and it was easy to listen too!

I met new bloggers, did the sessions I wanted to, caught up with Louise, did a dance with Ubisoft on Just Dance Disney Party, tasted some Radcliffes Wines, travelled to Orlando (well pretended too), signed up to the new UV service with Warner Brothers, had photos by Acer UK, Chatted to Katie from Butlins about where to holiday and showed Disney I was a true fan complete with Animal Bag and Minnie Mouse Belt! (More about some of these at another time!)

To top off the day I found new blogs to follow too! The keynote at the end was fab, real blog posts read by the  real people who wrote them!  I laughed, cried (and I am not normally a crier) and felt like this is what it is about, people writing about real life – the fun, the tears, the reality!

I am glad I went, there were things that could possibly be improved but I guess thats what feedback is for! The organisers did do an awesome job and I am sure in my mind I am half way to going again next year!


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    • Louise Lloyd on June 28, 2012 at 12:05
    • Reply

    I had a fabulous time getting to spend time with my favourite northerner!

      • Kel on June 30, 2012 at 23:26
      • Reply

      That northerner had fun with you too!

    • Liz Burton on June 28, 2012 at 21:47
    • Reply

    *kicks self* damn! Another person I didn’t spot to say hi to!

    Glad you enjoyed it (on the whole) and sorry to hear you’d had problems in the family x

      • Kel on June 30, 2012 at 23:27
      • Reply

      I am making a list ready for next time of people to meet! Hope you had fun x

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