The Cybermummy Post!

Lots of people have done their Cybermummy Posts, so here is mine!

I was sponsored by the wonderful BuggyTug to attend Cybermummy and I am so grateful for the support that I was more than happy to wave the BuggyTug flag, of course it helped that it is a fab product that I like!

I went down on the Friday and met up with the lovely Carol from ‘Dance without sleeping’ at the station and she helped me navigate my way through the tube and to the lovely hotel!

I got myself checked in, had some food and settled down for the night in my big comfy bed (that is the kind of thing you should be able to take home from the hotel), well I had a long day ahead!

So I rose nice and early on the big day, ate my lovely healthy breakfast and headed to the reception, I found some other mummy bloggers and off we went to find the venue for the day – The Brewery.  We walked the streets London and knew we had found the place when saw a group of people and heard some very friendly chatter!

On entering the building we were greeted by a goody bag and a huge dinosaur and the buzz was awesome, yep the tone for the day was really set! I met up with Louise from Baby Signing Mummy and we headed inside, the first two stops we made were very important – coffee and the Disney Stand!

We then went ahead with the day, attending sessions, talking to brands, meeting bloggers and generally having a fab time! My highlights include:

Sarah Brown – Yep Mrs Gordon Brown did a talk and it was fab, she is so down to earth (Normal not ordinary), a mum who’s priorities are her kids and even though she doesn’t blog I think most of us related to her in some way!

Vlogging Session – what an inspiring talk, and I have to say My Daddy Cooks is fab, he made it sound so easy!

Brands – It was so interesting to chat to different brands about what they do, products they have and how they might work with bloggers in the future! There was also the added bonus of the goodies they were handing out, I was able to give some to my hubby and kids, some to the Surestart centre I work for and even had a couple of treats for me too!

Bloggers – Intelligent, funny, short, beautiful, writers, talkers, performers and more – what a brilliant bunch of people!

I had a fantastic time and a massive thank you goes out to BuggyTug for the sponsor, for my ticket for my plush hotel room and for having a fab product for me to talk about!

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