The First Day!

The first day (well half day) has been done!

Last night we made sure the uniform, preschool record and PE kit were all ready, so all we had to do was get up, get ready and go! So, thats what we did, we did it with Legs literally bouncing with excitement! Once he had eaten, he got dressed into his uniform and oh my word, my heart melted at the sight of my big boy! Obviously I got the camera out and took a couple (okay 113) photos and then it was on on our way!

Walking onto the school grounds was a massive realisation that this was School, not pre-school attached to a school but real school. This is the first day of Legs’ compulsory education!

As it happens, Legs loves learning, he couldn’t wait to get in there and see what he would get to do, who he would meet! So with kisses and lots of ‘you are awesome’ types comments we left him to his day. Legs was fine, I knew he would be, he was always going to be happy to stay!

Walking back to the car, out of sight of Legs I had a wobble, always expected, I was waiting for it! With moist eyes I looked at OH, who looked back looking a little shell shocked! Have we done enough to prepare him? Will he be ok? Will we be ok?

I had thoughts of leaving behind a childhood, that we have had our 5 years (*ahem* 4 years and 5 months) to put in our input, to teach and mould, now we will fight teachers and peers for time and brain space,  that now school was going to be the real influence in his life. I felt robbed of our fun time too, how dare the system take away our fun time!

But, I then thought back to Legs and his excitement. I looked at the photos and his smile! Hubby reminded me of all the compliments we get about Legs and his manner, his behaviour and his general fab-ness. We have done a good job so far, we will continue to be there, we will cherish the fun time, we will help the learning, we are still mummy and daddy and we will help him grow!

Our little man is awesome and will continue to be so!

A Kiss of Luck From Mouse

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    • Two of Everything (@2_of_everything) on September 8, 2012 at 22:41
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    Lovely post – so exciting! Hope he’s enjoying it and you’re recovering 😉

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