The Fish with the Deep Sea Smile – Review

Parragon bring to you a fab story from best selling children’s author Margaret Wise Brown.  The fish with the Deep Blue smile, of a family’s quest to find the fish with the deep sea smile!

The front cover screams ‘read me’ with it’s lovely blue background and the big orange fish looking at you!Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 20.40.29

It is a lovely story of a search for the fish with the Deep Sea Smile, the words flow nicely and Monkey can read it to us all! Both the Monkey and Mouse loved it and wanted to read it again straight away, and again in the morning!

I really enjoyed seeing the kids smile as they were part of the journey to find that Deep Sea Smile, they were guessing when the fish may appear and giggling all the way through.  The pictures really set off the story, they are really well drawn and give you lots to talk about!

It really is a perfect bedtime book and will sit firmly on the shelf as part of our collection…..Parragon do it again with another great story book!

Another fantastic book from Parragon.  The RRP is £5.99 and this is great value for a lovely book that the kids enjoy! Check it out on Amazon!

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  1. Does sound like a lovely book – seen lots of glowing reviews.

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