The Must Have Toy!

Looking around my house I was thinking about ‘The Must Have Toy’, which toy is the one that is suitable for both Legs and Mouse, keeps them entertained, is value for money and lasts the test of time!

I was struggling, there is so many to choose from, so I asked the kids, they couldn’t decide either; they said a different one every time!

So we started by making a shortlist, here are the finalists:

So which did we decide as a family is THE must have toy?  Watch the video and see

Disclaimer: This blog is part of an application to TRUToyologists, I was not given any of these toys for review and all opinions are our own!


  1. Lego is great but unfortunately my youngest would eat it. The trampoline however is used by all ages all year round 🙂 but is it considered a toy ?

  2. Our daughter has a plethora of toys to play with. She seems to be focused on the toy dishes and foods. I think it contributes to a growing imagination.

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