The One about New Year

So as a blogger you have the great opportunity to write a post at New Year looking back on the year gone by and looking forward to the year to come! So here is my such post about last year!


What did you bring?

Well we started the year with a 9 month old and a two year and 9 month old, I was off work on Maternity due back at the end of March and husband was just kicking off doing illustration.  You found out a little bit more about me in the ‘7 things meme‘ and I really found my heart for Blogging!

February was not great as I was ill with ‘Labyrinthitis‘, I was bedridden as I had the constant feeling of being drunk and wanting to fall over, it was awful!

The lovely husband excelled though as he looked after the kids and me!  Luckily it was followed by March which was always going to be a nice month, Leg’s 3rd birthday, Mouse’s 1st birthday and our fourth wedding anniversary!

So we ate, drank and enjoyed each other’s company! The only downside was the knowledge that I would be going back to work shortly!

So, in April after taking some Leave, I finally took a step back into work and if I am honest I did not like it even a little bit, I didn’t want to go and cried at the thought of leaving my children at home. I had always dreamt of being a stay at home mum, but it wasn’t going to happen so I had to get on with it! (It was ok and I have got used to it, but if anyone wanted to give me a large sum of money to stay at home, I would do it in a shot!)

I told you a bit more about me in a ‘Question and Answer Meme‘ and my blog was nominated for a ‘MAD Award‘!

Over the year I have had some fantastic products to review and in June I did my first as a ‘HABA Ambassador‘, a role I have loved and continue to love, I have worked with other great companies and regularly vlog for – a first for me this year, but I have enjoyed being creative!

The second half of the year has felt like a whirlwind, summer holidays flew by without much to report, September saw Legs start proper pre-school wearing a little uniform and looking so grown up, an emotional time for both me and Daddy, seeing the first born go off into school (yep I know that this year with seeing him go into real full time school will be worse).

I guess the biggest news for me though was in October I was successful in getting a new job, after six years of working in a service doing a job I knew, I found the courage to apply for the role in the service I really wanted and got it!  We finished off the year with both children having a bout of Chicken pox, three lots of colds, a round of fevers and one severe Flu! But we are here and together, what else matters?

So that is the year! Smiles, tears and fun – probably what most years include! But, to finish off I have to say that my own favourite post of the year was the ‘Ten things I love about you‘ Meme, it was honest and completely from my heart, I meant every word and still do! Something that can really be classed as a diary entry from my life in 2011!

Part to of this ‘looking forward will come in a separate post so you don’t have to read it all in one go, how good am I to you?!

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