The one that doesn’t say much!

I really wanted to blog tonight, I have so many thoughts going around my head, that i poured a glass of wine (red of course) and thought right get it down, the quantity of thoughts would easily lead to four possibly five blog posts!

So, go on write…….go one put one of the five down on paper (well computer)!

Type woman type!


But…….nothing,  nothing came, the thoughts stayed firmly in my head! A couple of words fell out onto the computer, but they either made no sense or were deleted in a ‘that’s not the right way to say it’ manner.

So instead I have a blank page, and the thoughts are still in my head, whirring round, making me a bit dizzy! The thoughts about what I want to do, who I want to be, who I need to tell something too! So instead of blogging I will drink my wine and then head to bed and I will hope that tomorrow a blog post will spill onto the screen, that it will make sense and that in some way it will help!

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