The one that is a Rant

This morning I have found my voice, unfortunately it is my ranty voice!

This morning we received our letters from Tax Credits, the one that tells us what our final award is for last year and the one that tells us what we get this year or in our case the one that tells us they put an outgoing as an income and we owe them money and the second one that tells us we earn too much (?!) and they are cutting our tax credits by MORE than half!

Yep, more than half, that is equivalent to some of our bigger bills, it is the money that helps us each week get through! How are we going to get through the month now, it has always helped with the extras we need to buy

Am I being penalised for having a work ethic and going to work even though I don’t want to, for working hard even though my wage isn’t as big as the government says a family needs to live off and where on earth has my working tax credit gone – surely I am entitled to some??

I am sorry to rant about this, come back to me in a few hours I may feel differently, I may have calmed down. But for now I am going to sit in my mardiness, drink my coffee and look around the house for things to sell!!



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    • babysigningmummy on August 11, 2012 at 12:18
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    This is so rubbish hun, I can only hope that they have worked it out wrong somehow. I can’t see how they can expect you to live off half of what you were getting. It’s totally ridiculous and I hope they sort themselves out ASAP xxxxx

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