Mar 09

The one without internet!

OH MY! For two evenings on the trot we have been without internet!! No blogging, no tweeting, no Facebook stalking! I felt like my arm had been cut off!

It’s ok though because we can watch a bit of TV – what’s on? I don’t know I will check the online tv guide, oh no I can’t!  Ok, Show me that thing you want to buy! Can’t get on the website! Tell me what your brother said – can’t it’s in my emails, Bid on ebay – can’t! Blog about it – can’t! Just tweet and ask so and so…. Arrrggggghhhhhh

Well today we got through to the company and the issue was solved in a quick 30 minutes or so- the problem? The internet hub needed upgrades!!

Well at least now I am back! The only trouble is I have such a big to do list – I don’t know where to start!


  1. babysigningmummy

    Ooooh awesome title! And fab blog, missed you XXX

  2. Lou at Bloggomy (@Bobbity666)

    I would be the same as you – my life is on my PC – glad you’re back x

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