The spirit of Christmas – Book Review

It’s Christmas!  Well, not quite but I know you are all starting to think about it!

‘There’ll be carols and candy canes and sparkling presents under the tree! But what about children whose families have no presents to give? Kind-hearted Drew wants to help them – but how? A magical story of how one little boy got a very special Giving Bag from Santa – and how his Christmas wish came true…’

9781848959064-04-600x600This is a lovely book (from Little Tiger Press) all around the spirit of Christmas! A really beautiful gift set that includes a ‘giving bag’, a bell from Santa to hang on the tree and a fantastic book with a magical story of how one little boy got a very special giving bag from Santa!AwLLhRCTNDsUkEp47KVN6e8h6mDU2ddeFDG-nN_GuAA

The giving bag is there for your children to fill with toy donations for charity, a way to encourage children to  think about giving to others and the importance of being generous. The bell on the tree serves as a reminder of the spirit of Christmas!

Every year the monkey and the mouse put together a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child as we hope they will grow up enjoying giving to others as much as receiving gifts and with a want to help those who need it.

Each year like many other families we do a pre-Christmas sort out too, so this year we will combine this with the giving bag, the children will each place toys in and will remember how it felt to give with a sprinkle of Christmas Spirit!fks_elGa6fUs2PGvnr-VbkiFJb8m7hc6yVn_AeM7u_M

The book itself is really lovely, the very special story is written really well and the illustrations are wonderful (drawn by Harry Potter illustrator, Jason Cockcroft), all put together in a very well made hard backed book. I would recommend as a gift for others or an addition to your own family.


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  1. I’d loving the look of this book and must add it to our Christmas collection #playtime

  2. That look so cool. Very special gift for kids!

  3. I love a good Christmas book and this sounds lovely. I love the idea of the giving bag too.

  4. This looks like a lovely book, I love the idea of the bag and the little bell is cute.

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