Too Comfortable

I am desperately looking for a new job. The reasons for leaving where I am now are plentiful, most of which I won’t share at this time, but I have been there seven years and it really is time to move on!

Just before Christmas I spotted a job, it was only a couple of days until the closing date, so I didn’t really think about it, I just applied! After a couple of weeks I hadn’t heard anything, so I took it as a ‘no’!

Two days before Christmas I got an email ‘you have been shortlisted, interview will be in the new year’. Wow, I had made it through the application stage!

Christmas and New Year came and went and an interview confirmation arrived. I went back over the job description and tried to prepare. But (and it is a fairly big but) as I was reading things I started to question whether I wanted the job. Yes, it would be a new job in a new place, but it would be more work, less money and less flexibility!

I thought about it – a lot – I kept saying ‘go for the interview, it’s great experience, then decide’! But I didn’t feel sure about it, how would I feel if they actually offered me it and I had to turn it down, could I ever even really consider taking that drop in money when we live ‘hand to mouth’ as it is. So I rang them, said thank you but I wouldn’t be going.

I felt better, so much better, no pressure of an interview, no having to turn down a job if offered it. I was comfortable with what I had decided!

Another job has come up, one I would LOVE, it is completely different to what I do now, but I am nervous, tonight even too nervous to complete the application. It will be further away from where I live, I won’t know anyone, it will be stricter hours, it will be brand new! What should I do?

It has been said maybe I am ‘too Comfortable’ at my job now, I have been there so long that I can’t see myself leaving my bubble, I am too scared to do it!

Tonight I have realised that I am too comfortable, I have been in the same place of work for 7 years, I have changed roles within the organisation but I am one of the longest serving members of a small team, I have my breakfast at work, I am asked were stuff is, I have some flexibility in my hours, I know the people, in fact I have some very good friends there, I am scared about moving and ending up in a job that does less for my life, for my family!

What should I do? Apply for the brand new job, risk the rejection, risk it not being right, risk moving out of my comfort zone? Or do I stay where I am?

What would you do?


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    • The Brick Castle on February 1, 2013 at 23:09
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    Go for it. If you get shortlisted or offered an interview then you have done another successful application and you can be pleased with that. If you get through the interview and are offered the job then you will have had a chance to ask about all the flexibility etc. that you’re worrying about and can turn it down if you aren’t happy. You are after a job, but they are also after an employee. You’re interviewing each other. Best of luck 🙂

    • Vita on February 2, 2013 at 07:31
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    Ooh I know what you mean about getting comfortable! However, sometimes you need change, and you probably won’t be long as the “new girl” as you actually have the experience doing the job from a previous role if you see what I mean? I’d go for the interview if you get one as at least you won’t wonder “what if..” and if they offer you the job you can decide/worry then! x

    • backtomycountryroots on February 2, 2013 at 08:13
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    I say go for it too. There is nothing wrong with turning down a job if you get offered it, my husband is in the same situation he has been on two interviews even did a whole trial day and got offered both jobs and turned them both down because as it turned out they didnt fit our lifestyle very well. You just have to use them to improve your interview technique everytime and look at it as expericence.

    I also know a Gent that makes himself apply for jobs and go from interviews once every couple of months just to keep up with interview practice….just incase ‘one day’ he decides its time for a change.

    Fingers crossed for you though whatever you decide x

    • Boo Roo and Tigger Too on February 2, 2013 at 08:32
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    Go for it, I know what you mean about being too comfortable. When I started in my current position the previous lady had been there 25yrs and I thought no way was I doing that… I’ve been there 6yrs already!

    • Spicers1976 on February 2, 2013 at 13:11
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    Go for it! I’ve been in my job for 12 years, and I often think of doing something different. I think we can all get too comfortable, and you’d soon learn all about the new job if you got it and took it.

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