Top Toy Box – Robot Matching Game – Review

My kids love Robots, robot toys, robot pictures, robot TV programmes, well robot anything! So, they were very excited when we got the eeBoo Robot Matching Game from TopToy Box !

There first impression was simply ‘yes!! A Robot Game!! Can we play?’

This game contains 24 pairs of Robot cards to play with. The main way to play with them is a matching game! You lay them all down with their pictures faced down and take turns to turn over two cards to try and find a match. If it is a match keep it, if not put it back for the next person to try!

It is a standard memory game (called different things by different families – here it is Flip Flop). You try and remember the cards others have turned over to make a match! The one with the most pairs wins! The cards are great, they are made of solid card and are not easy to bend! They are a good size for little hands. Both Monkey (5) and Mouse (3) have enjoyed the game and asked to play it again!Robot Matching Game

There is a way to play it alone too which is perfect for Monkey! You can put some cards in a line and make up a story using them! This really develops the imagination and is something that both Monkey and I can have a lot of fun doing! It really supports his education!

We are loving the game and the quality! It has been played many times and the cards are still in tact! There are enough cards for us to play the matching game as a family of four, and for many different stories to be made up too when playing alone!

This game sells at £9.99 and I think that gives you value for money! It is a pretty average price for this type of game, and it will definitely be used over and over!


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  1. looks good! i like the idea of putting them inline to make a story, makes it that bit different

  2. We love robots in our house too, looks like a fun game

  3. Looks like a fun game and something different for a game of pairs!

  4. That looks great – don’t think you can go wrong with robots!

  5. It is great for memory

  6. Looks like a lovely game, love the robot images on the cards.

    • Kate P on July 16, 2013 at 21:15
    • Reply

    Oooo robots and matching pairs – a great combination! Looks really colourful too 🙂

  7. I love matching game, I used to spend hours with the boy playing this sort of thing!

  8. Looks like a fun version of a memory game

  9. That looks great – my kids love robots, and the film Robots, and this looks like a lovely game. I love that they made their own stories with the cards 🙂

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