Touchnote Photo Postcards A Review!

I love photos! I love taking them on my SLR, my compact and my phone! What I miss from the ‘olden days’ though is the printing of photos and sending them to people. The ‘having a real photo to hold, frame and keep’ feel doesn’t happen that often now, photos tend to be emailed or shared through social media!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way of printing and posting your fab photos to your friends and family with minimum fuss?! Well there is, let me introduce Touchnote .

Touchnote print your photos and send them as real postcards to the people you want! It is a simple process too.

First you upload your picture (either online or via their mobile app), then add text or speech bubbles, write your message for the reverse of your postcard, add name and address of recipient, check and that is it! Touchnote will then print the postcard and send out!  All this for £1.49 a postcard including postage!

I have to say I love the idea of this and the service was fantastic. I uploaded a few on a Sunday. I sent one to myself (for checking purposes of course), a couple to different places in the UK and one to Spain!

I received my postcard on the Tuesday, yep the Tuesday – two days later, and if that wasn’t impressive enough, the one to Spain arrived on the Wednesday – three days to travel that distance, three days to arrive somewhere that usually takes two weeks (at least) to get there!

The quality was good too – just like a real postcard! I had thank yous from all the receivers – they were all impressed, and loved getting them through the post!

So, whether you are on holiday and have a shot that would be a perfect postcard, at the olympics and have a winning photo that you can’t wait to send or just want to make someones day with a smile and a note, I would say head over to Touchnote and send a postcard! As easy as A, B, C!

Disclaimer: I was provided with some credits to try out the service, all opinions remain honest

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    • Bod for tea on July 3, 2012 at 08:49
    • Reply

    I LOVE these! Off to pootle on their site now… 🙂

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