Jun 01

Transformers Beasthunters DVD – Review and Competition

Monkey has been in his element this week as another Transformer DVD came in the post, he is a full on fan of Transformers and his love of them grows with each DVD he watches, each time he plays with a toy or role plays. The latest DVD released today (1st June 2015) is Transformers Prime Beast Hunters -Series 3, Volume 2- Race for Salvation.image002

“From Hasbro Studios comes an all-new series of exciting adventures for Optimus Prime and his team of Autobots as they battle against their archenemies the Decepticons.   In this volume, the Decepticons battle the Autobots for control of fossilized Predacon bones. The Decepticons plan to use the bones to clone a nation of savage Predacons and unleash fear and terror onto the earth.

Will the Autobots be able to defeat their arch rivals in time and save our planet?”image002

Another fantastic DVD from Hasbro, Monkey can sit for hours watching the Transformers adventures and only stops to ask when the next DVD  is out!  The quality of the animation and the entertainment is exactly as good as you would expect from the Transformers. Featuring 6 episodes and running for just over 2 hours it is a fantastic for the Transformer fan in your home!

The lovely folks at Hasbro are giving you the opportunity to win a copy for yourself. All you have to do is follow the entry options on the Gleam Widget below! Good Luck!

Transformers – Beasthunters – Race for Salvation


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  1. laura browne

    A magic fairy so I could wave my magic wand and make all my friends/family wishes come true!

  2. Tracy Nixon

    A cash machine!

  3. Tracey Peach

    A superhero that rescues animals

  4. Kerry Locke

    Not very transformer like but I’d Love to transform into a princess

  5. aaron broad

    I wish I could transform into a rocket ship

  6. pete c

    an eagle soaring above everybody else

  7. laura banks

    a sloth as i do like to sleep

  8. Paula Readings

    I would transform into having wheels so I could get to work without worrying about parking!

  9. tracey ryder

    a cat so I could sleep all day


    I would like to live without having to sleep, cos I never seem to have enough time to get things done.

  11. Rebecca Cusick

    Just anything that could fly!

  12. Rich Tyler

    A UFO!

  13. Katie Aspden

    The Invisible woman! I’m so nosy lol

  14. Ashleigh Allan

    A fast car!

  15. Helen Grayson

    A bird so I could fly wherever I wanted!

  16. christine shelley

    A much younger mum

  17. shane87654

    A cat !!

  18. jason wills

    Lottery Machine

  19. Jean Vaughan

    A Delorean car which flies for superfast elegant transport.

  20. Susan B

    Miss World would be good.

  21. claire woods

    A plane to fly away.

  22. Michelle Banks

    an areoplane so i could fly away!

  23. Claire Butler

    An Octopus so i could multitask and get cleaning and things done super fast

  24. Layla Thomas

    Two of me so I could get everything done.

  25. Leanne Newsome

    Supermum that can do all the tasks that need doing with plenty of time to spare afterwards

  26. Lesley Bradley

    A dolphin for the freedom of the open ocean 🙂

  27. Dean Smith

    A plane so I can jet off when I like

  28. pamela gossage

    A Dragon

  29. rachael jones

    a vampire

  30. Diana

    A bird 🙂

  31. Joanna Sawka

    into a cat

  32. Jane Middleton


  33. Trevor Linvell

    A space rocket

  34. Laura Pritchard

    Into a millionaire!

  35. Ellen Stafford

    A bird so I could fly

  36. Emma


  37. Barbara Handley

    A pampered cat who got the cream!

  38. Tina M Holmes

    A huge bed.. haha

  39. Natalie Crossan

    A tall, thin beautiful woman!

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