Transformers Prime Season Review

The final volume of TRANSFORMERS Prime Season 2; Darkest Hour’, stormed on to DVD and digital download on 19th January 2015 and we, well when I say we I mean Monkey was lucky enough to receive a copy to take a look at. 4Es8rleA2tgdPk8YhDcbGNNZUREy_cKzjvegz9jRylA

In this final volume, the Autobots and Decepticons, are locked in a stand-off at the Omega Lock. The Decepticons have the humans’ captive, and Optimus Prime, prepared to do anything to save their allies, hands the famed Omega Keys over to the enemy. When the Decepticons insert the keys into the Omega Lock a new ‘Age of Decepticons’ dawns… however, when the Autobots realise that the Omega Beam will terraform earth and destroy all native life, they have to take desperate action…

Monkey was overly excited when the DVD arrived. so much so that for the rest of the day he was pretending to be a transformer! It is a great DVD that kept him entertained the whole way through; Mouse sat with him to watch it the firs time too. She watched it intently but afterwards said she may not watch again as there wasn’t enough pink in it! A84G2WHNO-PxZYygD55ypEKWhl82lYno9uVPodA5oAc

However, Monkey has asked to watch it again approximately 100 times since, I think he would quite happily sit and watch it over and over again for the entire day.

As a mum reaction when I saw the title I did wonder if it may become too dark for Monkey as sometimes he can be so sensitive and can get scared by things, but I needn’t have worried he was well and truly into it and did no have any nervous moments.

Would definitely recommend for any Transformer fans – young or old! P_TJlxD6bhMjVHGOkxo7zRYMwV7Y7maSNsJ0v79v4Gg

Disclaimer: We were sent the DVD free of charge for the purpose of this post, all opinions are our own and are honest

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