Sep 16

Transformers Prime Season Three: Beasthunters – Predacons Rising – Review and Competition

It is time to embark on more epic adventures from Hasbro Studios as Transformers Prime Season Three: Beasthunters – Predacons Rising was released on DVD and Digital HD on 14th September!GetAttachment

We are massive Transformers fans in this house; all of us from the youngest to the oldest….. so you can imagine the excitement when we heard there was a new full length Movie. The movie is rated ‘PG’ (due to some mild fantasy violence) and runs for approximately 65 minutes, so it is definitely one for a Pyjama Family Film afternoon!image007

“The Autobots, Decepticons and Predacons join forces in order to protect their newly restored planet, Cybertron.

The celebrations following Megatron’s demise come to an abrupt end when Unicron leaves his lifeless body and takes possession of Megatron’s in order to seek revenge against his arch-enemy Primus, the creator of the Primes. To counter this impending threat the Autobots, Decepticons and Predacons are forced to form an unlikely alliance to defend their home and destroy Unicron for good.

Prepare for the biggest battle in Cybertron history”

The CG Animation on the movie is fantastic and the fact it looks so good really brings something to the DVD;the characters are amazing as always and anyones little one is going to be mesmerised by them!

There are bonuses on the DVD in the form of an Audio Commentary and a Polygon Featurette and as an another bonus with our DVD came a free toy – it really doesn’t get more awesome than that does it, film, transformers, where to buy xenical? https://xenicaltop.com/ xenical medication information online store, fun and a toy!?

I can see these DVD being watched over and over again as it is something Monkey and Mouse will watch together and something that Mummy and Daddy like too!20150916_121206

The lovely folks at Hasbro are offering you a chance to win a copy of the DVD, all you have to do is enter through the Gleam widget below. Enter as many or few ways a you would like! Oh and Good Luck!

Transformers Prime Season Three: Beasthunters – Predacons Rising


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  1. iain maciver

    a big arctic lorry

  2. Catherine McAlinden

    A cruise ship!

  3. Tracy K Nixon

    A cash Machine so I would be full of money!

  4. Helen Milner

    My son loves Transformers, so this would be a great win xx

  5. Clare Hubbard

    A super fast cleaning machine!

  6. laura banks

    a sloth would be great a bit of sleeping

  7. Angela McDonald

    A motor bike!

  8. Kelly L

    A super fast car!

  9. Paula Readings

    I would like to be a areoplane.. holidays!

  10. Anna

    I would transform into a cruise ship

  11. Susan B

    A multi-millionaire would be a good transformation.

  12. Kat Lucas

    I would transform into a energized bunny

  13. Ruth Harwood

    A nice little car that can zip from A to B quickly and then disappear for a few days to relax!

  14. Sally Collingwood

    A millionaire!

  15. holly harmsworth

    I would like to transform into a transformer 😀 so i could get around easily no car at the moment 🙁

  16. Sarah L

    I’d transform into an aeroplane so I can visit my relatives abroad whenever I want to!

  17. Margaret Clarkson

    An aeroplane, so I could fly, that would be great.

  18. Michaela Hannah

    I would love to be able to transport into a plane so i could go to warmer climates!

  19. Alice Fox

    I would transform into a car big enough for my family…the car is broken and cannot afford to fix atm! xx

  20. Michelle Banks

    the batmobile x

  21. Samantha Loughlin

    A hot air balloon

  22. Emma Wolski

    an aeroplane so I can travel the world!

  23. janine atkin

    id transform into a plant so icould sit in peace for a while and have no one bother me!

  24. Victoria Prince

    A frog!

  25. Sheri Darby

    A plane , so that I could just get wherever I needed – fast

  26. Trevor Linvell

    A space shuttle to go to the stars!

  27. A.E. ADKINS

    A multitransporter to travel the world

  28. Natalie Crossan

    The batmobile x

  29. Amy Jo McLellan

    A plane so I could go wherever I wanted.

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