A Backwards Look!

As we enter a new year I thought I best do a quick round up of 2010!

It all started back in January, as all years do – I was pregnant and working full time, we also had a near two year old and life was busy (although the year got busier……) here is a quick month by month round up!


I started the year off 7 months pregnant and felt Big, Fat and Tired


I started my Maternity Leave from my ‘real job’ which meant I had a month before the due date to spend with my near 2 year old!


A birthday (the 2 year old), a Birth (3 days later) and an anniversary (our 3rd). A very busy but beautiful month!


My first birthday as a mum of two and I celebrated with Pizza and a DVD – Bliss!


We had the Mouse’s six week check, all was fine and she was growing really well! As a family we seriously contemplated moving towns, but decided to stay put for a while!


I did something that I have always wanted to, I took a Spanish Course, just a beginners one and I loved every minute!


A visit to Whitepost farm!


We started the weaning process with Mouse, she loves her food!


A lovely Holiday and a Half marathon (ran by hubby not me)


A high and low month; Brother-in-law went to Afganistan with the forces for a three month stint, due to be away over his birthday, anniversary and Christmas. On the high side the Mouse learnt how to crawl and cruise!


I finally felt like I was finding my feet with the blog and decided to get a new name, so Writings, Ramblings and Reviews was born!


A fantastic month to end the year! Of course there was Christmas which Legs and Mouse enjoyed, BIL got back on Christmas Eve, Mouse took her first steps on Christmas Day (day before being 9 months old!), we were chosen as Maclaren Kid Testers and the hubby’s birthday is New Year’s Eve – so a great finish to the year!

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