Two Year Check

The Mouse had her two year development review on Monday, and it went great! The health visitor was full of compliments for her (and her big brother too). The mouse is on 75th Centile for her weight and 50th for her height – ‘a perfect combination’. She has hit all the other milestones and even exceeded some!

The Health Visitor was particularly impressed with her speech, and I quote ‘it is very unusual for me to be able to hold a conversation with the child at their check’ – she kept saying that she couldn’t get over how bright she was! She even said that it is all down to the parents, and it is obvious when parents spend time with the child and talk to them!

We knew our little mouse was doing well, and that to us she is perfect, but it is always nice to hear it from someone else too!

To top off the visit the lady said, ‘well done on your two perfect children, and that is a compliment coming from me!’

So I think that is a result, I am going to take my proud parent moment and be thankful for the lovely family I had! Well done Mouse, you are perfect and Legs too (we had similar comments at your check too!), I am a very proud mummy!

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