Feb 14


Valentine’s Day is a perfect topic for a blog post, but I thought I would look at it slightly different, instead of looking at cupid, getting together and all the secrecy of Valentines, I thought I would celebrate those of us who have married our valentine!

I love being married, to me it is more than just a bit of paper, I don’t mind being someone’s missus and I certainly in no way feel like I am owned by someone or am someone’s possession (all things that have been said to me as reasons not to get married!). For me, marriage is important, I am glad I got married and I love being a wife!

So here are some piccies that people have allowed me to showcase in a small celebration of getting married! Enjoy!

On a personal note:

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Hubby, my Other Half and my Best Friend!

I Love you xx

Me and Him indoors!

Anne-Marie from Diddi Dance

Mary - 'Lincoln and Me'

Lins from Daisy Chain Baby

Nine Photos

Lizzie from Chic Unique

A massive thank you for allowing me to use your photos to Anne-marie from Diddi Dance, Lizzie from Chic Unique, Lins from Daisychain Baby, Mary from the blog ‘Lincoln and me’ and Joanne from Nine Photos


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  1. Louise Gibbs

    ooooh after April can I have a wedding photo added? Gorgeous blog post xxx

  2. LincolnAndMe

    What a lovely post! Nice to read and thanks for the mention! Xxx

  3. Lakes and Pebbles

    Love this post! So utterly romantic :0)

  4. Kelly

    Thank you for the lovely comments!

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