Waiting ………

I am a massive fan of Dr Suess and his books, well actually the whole family is, Monkey’s favourite book when he was two years old was Cat in the Hat, much to the dismay of our friends who couldn’t make sense of it and got their tongues twisted when trying to read it to him.

Hubby and I have found a particular love for the book ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go!’ and there is a section in it that has been sent backwards and forwards between us over the past yearWaiting 1

Ok, so people have thought that we were a bit mad when posting it to each other’s Facebook or quoting a few words in ‘real life’, but actually we have felt like this for the best part of a year, we have felt like it for one main reason but have used it for many different times when waiting!

The fact is that the quote speaks the truth………………Everyone is just waiting; waiting for the working day to end, the shopping to arrive, to catch up with a friend, waiting for the dinner to cook, for the much needed pay day or for time to read a book, waiting for the bus to come, someone to leave, for an answer or just for some fun!

We have been waiting for a school place for Mouse, you have read the previous posts , she should have started school with her peers in September but wasn’t offered a place at the same school as Monkey due to over subscription. The wait has been long and we have often felt like giving up, but wait we have done.

There is another part to the story and that blog post will come but for now will leave you with another great Dr Suess QuoteWaiting 2


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