Walkers Mighty Lights – Review

I am often teased for only eating beige food. It actually isn’t true, I eat lots of food that’s not beige, although all my favourite foods are beige – Bread, Chips and Crisps!

Crisps have been my ‘go to’ food for years. If in doubt, grab a packet. Crisps can be part of a meal, a simple snack and an illness cure; well actually they are for anytime as far as I am concerned!

Monkey and Mouse are massive fans of crisps too,  they like to have them with a sandwich for lunch, but I do worry a little that crisps may be too bad for them. Are they too full of fat?

There are some new crisps in town from Walkers.  Mighty Lights have 30% less fat than standard crisps.  They’re made from real potatoes with no artificial colours of preservatives – and they are a source of fibre too.

All three flavours (Lightly Salted, Cheese and Onion and Roast Chicken) are suitable for vegetarians too, which is awesome for me being a veggie!

Sounding good so far aren’t they!?

I guess the main test  is always the taste test – especially for the kids, the question is can they pass themselves off as ‘normal’ tasty crisps?  Because after all it doesn’t matter how healthy they are, or how cool the ‘cheering crisp’ on the packet looks, if the kids won’t eat them because they have no flavour – they have lost their battle to be great!Walkers Lights

We were lucky enough to be sent a multi-pack bag of each flavour to try!

Well, what can I say?

Walkers have only gone and done it again!  Another great crisp – the taste is really delicious. I often expect food that is lower in fat to be, well, you know ‘no fat, no flavour’, because surely the naughtiness is what makes it tasty?

The flavours taste good, not too mild and not too overpowering. They are perfect for both the children and grown ups alike! Secretly (well not so secretly because I am sharing it here) I would love to see them extend into Salt and Vinegar and Prawn Cocktail too!

The bags are 25g which is a nice size and you can buy a pack of six packets; I think we would have to get all three flavours to last the week!

The bags are a perfect size for lunch boxes. I know Monkey would be more than happy to have a packet of these in with his dinner. He would have a tasty ‘grown up’ side to his sandwich and I would be safe in the knowledge that they are healthier than alternatives.  We often buy different crisps for the kids to myself and Daddy, to ensure they are not getting bags that are too big and that they are getting something that is on the healthy side of the snack spectrum – these crisps mean we don’t have to!

So what are our overall thoughts? They are tasty, healthy, good for the kids, good for the grown ups, great for lunch boxes and picnics and on our shopping list!

In fact we have some ready to take on our camping trip too!Limerick Walkers

Disclaimer: We were sent the crisps for the purpose of this review and are being compensated, however our views remain honest at all times.

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