Warner Brothers

The summer is officially over with the changing of the clocks this weekend.

I am not that happy about it. Although there are plenty of things I love about this time of year, Bonfire Night, mushy peas and mint sauce, the run up to Christmas and lots of Duvet Days, I don’t like the dark mornings and dark evenings!

However, what did cheer me up was this little lot turning up from the lovely people at Warner Brothers!

Perfect I reckon for them Duvet Days I mentioned! I love nothing more than putting on comfy clothes, grabbing the Monkey and the Mouse, covering us up with the duvet and watching fab DVDs, sweets are an added bonus as is Daddy bringing me endless streams of coffee!

So what was in the box?  Four Fantastic DVDs, Stickers (which will probably soon be all over Mouses’ clothes) and some Bubbles!

Tom and Jerry is a fab DVD to share with little ones, a classic programme from Mummy’s childhood that is still around now! The Tricks and Treats DVD is perfect for this time of year with a spooky theme, but is nice easy watching for the younger children.

The Big Top Scooby Doo (another classic) movie is fun packed with a mystery to solve.  Lots of adventure to keep the children’s attention and a great way to spend an autumns evening with comfort food (yummy hot dogs).

I think Monkey and Mouse are going to let the The Ben 10 go  to our nephew – a major Ben 10 fan (well if they can prize it away from Daddy that is). The DVD follows 10 year old Ben on an adventure to Destroy all aliens!

We are saving Lego Hero Factory for the weekend,  we can’t wait to crack it open when Mouse has her nap. A special treat for Monkey to watch with Mummy and Daddy on a Saturday afternoon!  He will be most excited, he loves lego and loves films – perfect combination!

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