What’s the Story?

I have been joining in with Silent Sunday for a fair while and looking back at some of the photos I think that maybe I should have chosen to save them for bigger posts explaining them. Although they are perfect at the time, some of them just have more behind them than a silent post.

Looking back at this time last year, I found such a photo. The great thing about the ‘What’s the story?’ linky is that I can now share the story behind it. IMG_20130328_095846

It is a slightly different version of the same subject that I showcased in the Silent Sunday in March last year.

I took it on the way into the Monkey’s School ‘Easter Celebration’ held in the church nearby. I was looking forward to the celebration as it was Monkey’s first Easter one at school (reception year), after the Christmas one it promised to be good – full of performances and smiles from the school children!

As we walked passed this, I took a quick snapshot on my phone.  Most parents paused at seeing the Cross on the way in, not sure if it was a pause for thought or a surprise to see it but we all did.  My phone is not good at taking photos, usually they are grainy but this is one of the few that have come out well

The celebration was great, happy children singing lovely songs, there was a bit of Drama, some comedy and even a funny tale from the vicar!  Monkey was joining in (as a just 5 year old) confidently, he was so proud afterwards too and so pleased that we had got to see the show.

I have been to more school events since (the last being doing Zumba in the playground for sport relief), they are always nice, fun and well done by the school.

Looking back on the shot now, I think it is quite poignant for the time of year,  it gives me memories of Monkey’s first Easter Celebration and it is a photo that makes me think – why do we celebrate Easter? Is it the Cross? Is it the Chocolate?

What about you? Do you celebrate Easter?


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  1. Wow such nice photo.I am a ctaholic and easter should be the most important time as it is the where ‘someone’ deiad for us and we are saved from our sins. But nowadays I am not really not that religious anymore. Plagued by problems and chores. Then your post made me feel so irresponsible. I shouldve done more reflections. Thanks for making me remember it a bit. #whatsthestory

  2. I will admit to not being particularly religious, but this is a very poignant photo x #WhatstheStory

  3. Great shot! We don’t really celebrate Easter but Z does at school as he goes to a Catholic school.

  4. Looks very poignant. We don’t celebrate but I’ve seen a couple of men walking around with a huge cross which looks really heavy.

  5. We don’t celebrate Easter here

  6. Lovely story that you can finally tell!

    We don’t celebrate but love chocolate egg!

  7. Any school celebration is great to see and memories to treasure, lovely to have a photo to remind you. #What’sthestory

  8. Gosh what a poignant image Kel, great quality too given it was on a mobile (mine is rubbish!). Sounds like it was a memorable time too, great story. Thank you for sharing and apologies for being a bit late commenting #whatsthestory

  9. It is a great photo. I am not religious at all, even though I was brought up with all of the religious meanings behind things. I think it is important to teach your children about the ‘real’ meanings and let them make up their own minds.

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