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At the end of April on a Saturday we headed off to Butlins in Skegness, I had been invited as a Butlin’s Ambassador to meet up with some of the others, have a meeting and a bit of a tour.

Whilst I was doing that the kids and hubby headed off to hit………well everything; they fit a whole lot of swimming, shows, fairground rides, parks and more into one day.

During the tour I took this photoButlinsFirstChalet

These are the two lovely Red Coats that showed us around and they were made to pose with this original chalet (they add a splash of brightness don’t they?)!

This Chalet was moved from it’s original location and now sits near the seafront, anyone can go and have a peek at it.

Skegness Butlins opened in 1936 and Billy Butlin himself designed these Chalets – they cost £10 to build. It was very basic (well by our standards), bed, sink, chest of drawers and only cold running water!

This chalet really intrigues me, I would love to hear some of the stories of the families, individuals and soldiers who stayed there!  I love seeing and hearing about little bits of history and it amazes me how far Butlins has come since then.


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  1. They look quite nice for a tenner don’t they? I guess at the time it would have been a really interesting and novel concept.

  2. It was a lovely day and great to have a catch up! The chalet was really interesting wasn’t it – definitely very basic!

  3. This is not how I remember the Butlins Bognor chalets, its so tiny! I think it would have been very different at the time, a little small now though!

  4. Blast from the past. A tenner wouldn’t get you a lot now would it

  5. I really want to see inside that chalet now! I bet they’re ace. Houses always look so tiny from outside, I bet it’s bigger than you’d think, although I’d definitely rather have a loo!

  6. How interesting – we are going there next month too 🙂

  7. This reminds me so much of Hi-de-Hi! Amazing how times have changed isn’t it.

  8. This sounds like it was such a brilliant day Kel, so gutted I missed it although I was at Butlins in Bognor! What a wonderful history this little chalet must have. You’re right, would be lovely to delve a little deeper! Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing and sorry I’m a bit late commenting this week #whatsthestory

  9. Hi-de-Hi Hi-de-HO! hahaha! Love this and I do not remember Butlins shalleys looking like this at ALL when I was wee!

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