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I love taking photos and I love close up shots. A couple of years ago I decided to pop out into the rain in our yard and see if I could get some photos of rain drops and rain on things. As I was looking around I noticed a little fella hiding under the garden chair, sheltering from the rain.

I got closer and said hello, he didn’t move, I pointed my camera in his direction, he didn’t move, I moved the camera closer, still, he still didn’t move.

With all this stillness I wondered if he was ok, but he was breathing, he was fine, just happy sat where he was.

I took one photo of him, (not looking through a view finder, that would have been awkward because of where he was), even when the flash went off he didn’t move.

He did look at me though and we became friends, well I like to think we did!  I named him Freddy, purely because it began with ‘Fr’.

I love this photo and now use it as a header on Macro Mum – a little blog I sometimes post pictures on!

Please meet Freddy – isn’t he gorgeous!?Frog-border


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  1. Wow – you were so lucky to get so close to him and also find him in your garden!

  2. You really did manage to get close didn’t you – what a great photo!

  3. Grace & Lucas say – AAWWWWWW He’s so cute and we LOVE his name. We would like to invite Freddy to become an honorary member of the GL Gang – he’s awesome xx #whatsthestory
    The Mother says – Our old Labrador Ollie once found a frog in the garden and we were a bit worried but he start hopping with the frog – it was very funny – gorgeous photo 🙂

  4. Oh wow that’s amazing Kel, awesome capture! I love going outdoors in the rain too, we have the most amazing stripey snails that look like humbugs! No frogs yet though, this is brilliant! Great post thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  5. How lovely is this photo and how fab that he posed just for the shot too! Amazing shot hun x

  6. That is a fab shot Kel. We’ve been hoping that a frog would move into our wildlife pond – but we’ve still not got any residents.

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