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This week something momentous happened in our house……this landed….IMAG1298 Yes it is a Lego contraption and yes, it is rather funky!

Oh, you actually want to know what it is?!

It is a glasses case. I Know!!!! How awesome!?

So back to the momentous occasion?  The children had their first eye tests last week and Monkey came away with a prescription for his first ever glasses. He is going to have to wear them for TV and in the classroom in school!

Both children did brilliantly during the tests, they listened well and answered all the questions, and most of all they didn’t freak out!

Two out of the three main staff we dealt with were brill too, really involved the kids in what was going on. The third lady not so much, I am not sure she was used to children or dealing with ones that were having glasses for the first time! But never mind, the glasses were chosen and Monkey was happy.

On Saturday we went back to collect his glasses. He has got two pairs but the Lego pair are by far his favourite. To top it off – they are in green (his favourite colour)!

When the lovely lady bought over his case I thought he was going to explode with joy. I asked him if he would swap cases with me but his response was ‘nah, I don’t want a boring old purple one’.

So, Monkey has joined the realms of glasses wearers, Mouse keeps asking when she can have some. It is actually quite difficult to keep her at bay with ‘you don’t want glasses sooner than you need’ and not letting Monkey feel like there is any stigma to wearing them. Luckily at the minute he is so excited about them that nothing will stop him wanting to wear them.

I was surprised how emotional I found it, not the tests but the fact Monkey needed glasses and that Mouse needs to be tested again in 6 months due to an astigmatism, so may follow suit. Not sure if it is because their eyes are not as good as they should be or the fact that it is another sign that they are growing up?

Do your little ones wear glasses, how do they find them?


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  1. Yes, both my younger kids wear glasses. They are 10 and 8 now, but my son got his when he was 5 and my daughter when she was 3. My son needing them took me by surprise. What took me even more by surprise was when my daughter put my son’s glasses on and exclaimed ‘I can see!’. I didn’t start wearing glasses until I was 36 (the same year they got them) and my husband still doesn’t need them. My prescription is nowhere near as strong as theirs and I don’t need to wear them all the time, but I do so that it doesn’t make glasses a big deal. If they see me taking them off and being vain about them they might get the message that it’s not good to wear glasses. I must say I felt a glimmer of sadness when my kids got theirs too, but it passed very quickly. They both look lovely in their glasses.

  2. I hope he is better than my son at wearing them, I’m sure the fun lego design will help

  3. No, my daughter is 3. I noticed though that she squints when she’s pointing at something. But my husband says all kids do that. I love kids who wear glasses, they always look so adorable! 🙂 #WhatsTheStory.

  4. Oh wow what a fun glasses case Kel! I think there’s a lot less stigma attached to glasses these days. They’ll be able to see too and that’s what’s important. I’ve been struggling with text on my laptop for ages and funnily enough got re-tested last. Need more myself. I declined the varifocals though, didn’t feel old enough xx

  5. Wow, that is such a cool case! To be fair, I can’t blame Mouse for wanting glasses. I want Lego glasses!!!

  6. That is one cool case! 6yo wears glasses and has done for a few years now. She’s adapted very well to them.

  7. My son would love to have that case. He’s been wearing prescription glasses since 6 yo – he thinks it’s cool because Dad is wearing one as well.

  8. Neither of mine wear glasses, much to my relief as it would be yet another thing for them to lose track of, Lego case or not. When older son first had his eyes tested it was awful – the man had no idea how to deal with children. He was really abrupt with T who then refused to read the letters (he was 4) and the man said we would need to come back in 6 months and he’d have to put some drops in T’s eyes that would hurt … in front of T. I never went back there, had T’s eyes tested elsewhere by someone who understood how to deal with children. Oops – rant over!

  9. What a great case! It is great that they make such cool and exciting glasses for children these days that they are actually excited to wear, a big change from what I remember! Thankfully my son’s eyes seem to be OK for now but with a large part of both sides of the family needing glasses, no doubt he will need them at some point!

  10. I had pink NHS glasses as a kid. Would have loved lego ones!

  11. Oh my! I thought it was a time capsule!!
    Such a funky case. Neither of my two wear glasses but I did as a kid. I have those ‘National Health’ specs – remember those!!

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