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Monkey has started bringing homework home; not every night but he has had a few bits this term.  A couple of weeks ago he bought home a sheet of paper with some questions on and this..salad

He was very excited to tell us that they had been making a Fruit Salad in school, Monkey does love learning about things that he can then talk about in ‘real life’.

This photo shows his salad! The homework was to enrol the help of someone else to help you eat the salad and then answer the questions. Monkey decided that his testing partner would be Mouse.

They ate their way through the fruit and then discussed which was the best, which they liked least and what they would add to it!  The carrot was on the bottom of both their lists (would be on mine too, next to sweet fruit!).

They loved it.  Monkey was proud to be the one with the knowledge and enjoyed talking Mouse through the fruits, and Mouse was just happy that her big brother had wanted her to join in!

I will be honest I am not sure I agree with homework at 5 years old; Monkey still seems so little to have formalised homework.  Although saying that, this was fun for him and it was something he could do with his sister, so I guess this type of homework isn’t that bad!

Do you agree with Homework?


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  1. I’m glad it was a homework that was enjoyed. I think it depends on what the homework is and what the child is like. My youngest struggles enough at school – he doesn’t need more of a burden at home too. But my year 1 thrives on learning and loves it, we can’t keep up with books and materials to keep him stimulated so the homework is welcomed (he’s always moaning everything is too easy). Again my 17 year old (doing A-levels) always had a ridiculous amount (and still does) of homework – but am hoping it will help him for the future.. I think maybe it should be like when I was a kid – not compulsory at primary age but available for those who want it.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It sounds like you have a bright and determined year 1 there!

  2. I don’t envy Mouse having to help him with that, it looks well worn! I’m not sure about formal homework for small children either and, if they get it, it should be fun like this task.

    1. I was pleased that he chose Mouse to help! I am all for the fun!

  3. I think homework depends on the child, mine has wanted it and loved it from day one. He complains if he dosent get any. I know it doesn’t suit others. looks like you had fun though.

    1. That is great that he likes it, I hope that continues for you!

  4. Bless him, that looks like fun. I think it’s daft really to make kids that age do homework, my friend is really struggling with her little boy of 5 to get him to do any homework. Think I’ll have similar issues with Monkey.

    1. I really don’t mind as long as it is things like this; fun and age appropriate. Think I might struggle if it is more ‘serious’ stuff!

  5. What a lovely post Kel – and bless Monkey, it does look like fun homework at least. POD is just 3 so I don’t have to think about homework until September 2015 at least. Given how long it takes to get her dressed for pre-school though, it could be quite a challenge! Thank you so much for sharing, I do love your #whatsthestory posts x

    1. Aw thank you. I really enjoy joining in your linking, really gets the brain working. Thanks for hosting! x

  6. I think homework like this is fun so I don’t have a problem with it. E barely gets any homework at the moment and he is always asking for it. I think as long as they enjoy it and there isn’t too much pressure I don’t see the harm.

    1. I think you are right, as long as it is pitched right for their age. I love learning through fun!

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