What’s the Story?

It is that time of the week again to tell you the story behind a photo.

I have had an event in mind for this week that I knew I wanted to share, but I had so many photos from it to choose from, I wasn’t sure whether the post would be done or whether I would spend all night reminiscing through photos! But, I did find one – this one….IMG_1442

I chose this picture simply because I love it.  It is the moment we stepped out of the church, into the sunshine, for the first time as man and wife!

At this point all the formalities were done, we had finished the ceremony, everyone we had wanted there had arrived and witnessed, we had signed to say this is what we wanted and most importantly we had said ‘I will’  (I found it strange that it was ‘I will’ and not ‘I do’, but made sure I got it right!).

We left the church with our loved ones following behind us, there was so much joy around us. We posed for photos and had the conversations of ‘we did it’ and then we went off to our reception and celebrated.

Today is our wedding anniversary, this all happened seven years ago today. We have been through some tough times and some even tougher ones, we have also had some amazing times! We have grown as individuals side by side and together as one and I definitely wouldn’t change it!

So I guess the real story behind the picture is that it was our wedding day. That the wedding, the ‘I will’ and the smiles were the start of our story, our life as husband and wife and the start of our family!


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  1. I can see the love from the way you look at him =)

    Happy Anniv!


  2. Love this, such happiness and the wind in your hair #whatsthestory

  3. A lovely post and a great photo! Hope you have another 10+ years ahead and have a lovely anniversary today

  4. Oh wow what a treat! You look amazing and so so happy! What a brilliant photo to select – Happy Anniversaire! I hope you have a wonderful day today. Great post, thank you for sharing #whatsthestory

  5. Happy 7 years, what a wonderful photo you chose to share

  6. What a gorgeous photo. Congratulations on your 7 year Anniversary – hope you have a lovely day.

  7. That’s a fabulous photo and congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Wishing you many more happy years together.

  8. Aww Happy Anniversary

  9. Such a beautiful photo. I have a similar one of Husband and I as we walk out the door as man and wife and it is just an amazing feeling. We did it! Happy Anniversary!

  10. Beautiful photo, you both look so happy! Happy anniversary.

  11. Awww, super sweet. Your face says it all 🙂

  12. Kelly that is such a lovely photo, you can just imagine how you are feeling in that moment.

  13. Love this. I love wedding photos and would love to doit all again (with the same man of course)

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