Jun 08

Winx: The Mystery of the Abyss – Review and Competition

Today saw the release of the Winx Club “The Mystery of the Abyss” on DVD and Digital Download and we were lucky enough to receive a copy to take a look at!  Even though the Winx Club is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary we are relatively new to them, Mouse is just getting into all things girly and fairy like! image001

The Winx Club is six fairies from the fairy school Alfea and they work towards saving the universe along side high school!

In this feature length film they battle the Trix (their archenemies) and the evil nymph Politea, who are both on the brink of gaining more power than they have ever had before – all they have to do is find the Pearl of the Deep hidden in the depths of the infinite ocean!

Will the Winx manage to foil their enemies plans? Well I am not going to give away the story too much – you will have to watch it to see what happens, but it is definitely worth a watch for any fairy fan.

The film is very girly in the sense that the characters are very pretty, with fab outfits and amazing hair but even a girl like Mouse who loves mud as much as princesses would really enjoy this!

The film runs for 1 hour and 19 minutes and this is a perfect length for little ones who like to chill and watch a film but may get a little restless in they have to sit still too long!

I think that the Winx may become a bit of a permanent fixture in the house now that they have been introduced!

Do you fancy some fairy fantasy in your house? Well you could be in with a chance to win a copy of Winx Club: the Mystery of the Abyss by following the entry options on the Gleam Widget below! Good Luck!

Winx Club “The Mystery of the Abyss” DVD


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