Working Mum – My Story

A while ago I had a guest post from Angeline about being a working mum!

Well I thought maybe it was time to share my story,

Growing up I had always had plans to be a mum, now there was brief moments as a teenager and at uni of thinking maybe not, but deep down I always knew that a Mummy I would be! By the time I met hubby I had a plan in my head – I would meet my perfect guy, get married, buy a house and have my dream job; then I would have my children and would be a Stay at home mum!

Well, even the most thought out plans don’t always work out do they?

Flash back to March 31st 2007 – my wedding day, an awesome day where me and the blokey became Man and Wife! I loved it, not just the day or the cake made out of rounds of Cheese or the flowers made of fruit, but the fact I had a husband!

Something changed that day for me and the other half! We became one, I don’t mean like one person, but one unit, one family. We started on joint life plans for the future, you know the spend a couple of years together being a couple, buy a house, work and then we would extend our family type plans!

Well July 2007 (yes only four months later) I found out I was pregnant!  So with a husband, a job that wasn’t my dream job and a rented house we very happily embarked on a new plan!

So fast forward to March 2008 – Legs, my awesome little man, was born, we became a family of three and were loving it. I was lucky to be able to take a year off work on Maternity to watch Legs develop and I was happy, so the new plan was to take that year off and then either go back to work at the most part time or stay at home!

When Legs was 9 months old, something unexpected happened (a story for another day), but it meant that in April 2009 I was going to have to return to work full time and hubby was going to do the childcare! Gutted as we were, we had no choice and back to work I went!

Guess what happened in July 2009 – yep, I found out I was pregnant again.

So March (yes I know everything happens in March) 2010, the beautiful Mouse was born. Another year off, more difficult this time, finances were tough and we nearly didn’t get through a whole year, but the plan always remained the same – Hubby would find work and I would stay at home!

But (yep that but again) the depression hit the UK, my hubby couldn’t find a job as his skills weren’t right for some jobs, he didn’t have enough experience for others, he was even too educated for some! So I trundled back to work April 2011, full time away from my lovely family!

So how is it being a working mum? Well some days it is tough, some days it’s awful and some it is ok! There are good points, I enjoy having adults to talk to, I have friends at work,  I like helping people through my work and I like to know I have worked hard.

But, for me the downsides are massive, I miss my children everyday, I miss being there when they are at the park with Daddy, when they are sick and need a hug or when they achieve something new. It hurts when they ask why I go to work and why I won’t be going swimming with them.  I am proud that Legs and Mouse can tell me I do it to get some pennies and without pennies we can’t buy food, go swimming or several other things, but I know they also miss me!

So, it wasn’t always the plan and I do it because I have to, it’s not easy, it’s not always fair, but I will keep doing it whilst I need to! But I also do it knowing that if I can ever be a work/stay at home mum – I will grab that with both hands!!

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  1. You are a fantastic mother, both Legs and Mouse love you so much, as does (your) blokey! The fact that you work full time and do so so much with your beautiful children is full credit to you. Just remember I was working full time in London when we first met – so dreams do become a reality, and one day soon you will be a full time stay at home mum doing just as wonderful a job as you are now XXXXX

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