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I have been thinking a lot recently about being a working mum, I didn’t want to go back to work but had too! Some days I love it, some days I really dislike it! I thought it would be interesting to find out others stories about being a working mum, so here is the first Guest Post in my working mum series. With a massive thanks to Angeline, here is her story……

When I was pregnant with Thunderpants, I had these grand ideas that I would become a childminder after she ws born because I would be the earth mother and also because I didn’t want to go back to the job that I was leaving for mat leave due to the incredibly negative environment that I had found myself in. I also had a narrow minded view of what parenting was going to be all about and didn’t factor in that I was going to have PND, but then again its not something that you can plan for.

Anyway, I had done some forward planning and had gone for a part time position of a customer service advisor with O2 which was something totally different from what i was currently doing which was working within additional support needs in a college in Glasgow.  I am glad in hindsight that I did go for the job (when I was 7mnth and clearly pregnant), because it meant never setting foot in that college again.

So I probably went back to work when Thunderpants was 6mnths old and a lot had to do with my PND and gaining some sort of routine for myself…. I was working Monday to Friday 5pm-9pm at the start but then moved down after discussing with family members that i would do Sunday, Monday and Tuesday full days. They were very long hours but again it was routine. We couldn’t afford childcare but we needed to do something as financially I had to make a certain amount of money in order to pay bills as I didn’t want to fully rely on my husband and his income but that’s more a personal thing.

I guess I worked there for approx 4 yrs and now work for the “lovely” NHS… I also volunteer with the Rape Crisis Center and the Mental Health Network . I work night shifts and when I took the job I was told amongst other things that there would only be a few but my rota is mainly nights which has I believe, has  taken a toll on my health and am constantly full of the cold.  My daughter goes to nursery now 3 days a week so I try to juggle the volunteer commitments with that but i don’t really get a lot of time to myself as such as Im usually running around after other things that need done…. I was also studying up until last summer and life was crazy as it all has extra added pressure within the household and your relationships with your child and partner…  But I dont know if its a personal thing or a universal thing for mum’s in that you need to be everything in order to achieve? I also add that I planned a wedding in that time too !

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