World Book day 2018

I love World Book Day. You have all them children talking about the books they love and dressing up as characters they would love to be – it’s helping Children’s literacy by having fun! What could be better?!

The only problem this year was that the snow came….boy did it come! School was closed – booo!

Thankfully our school knew how much the children were looking forward to it (and how much time and effort parents had put into costumes) so they rearranged it for the Friday just gone!

This time around my two chose costumes that were not too difficult to put together, but were definitely the characters from their current favourite books!

Mouse is the biggest fan of Bear Grylls and his series of books for kids ‘Bear Grylls Adventures’; she is reading one after the other and flies through them – I need them to release the next ones quicker to keep up with her! So, when asked which character she wanted to be, her answer came quick and firm ‘Bear Grylls’.

Monkey was a reluctant reader in a previous phase of his life, but more recently he is always reading. He absolutely loves the Etherington Brothers who he first met at Nottingham Comic Con and he discovered the series of books ‘Freaky and Fearless’ written by Robin Etherington.

He has read all three books and is now re-reading them. Love the passion he has for these books, his character had to be ‘Simon’ in his outfit from book one!

IMG_4718I am looking forward to seeing these two dive more and more into books and I can only imagine what cthe costume will be next year!

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