Writer’s Block

The blog has been quiet recently and over the last few months I know my posts have been sporadic. Unfortunately something happened in the real world that had an impact on our lives and my mind….this led to blogger’s block.

Bloggers block that has meant many a times I have sat and not know what to write, I have written half posts and not been able to finish them and wondered whether all the words had left me!

The good news is that I feel like I am back!! Words have returned and I am looking forward to writing regularly again, I thought I would share some tips of things I have done to help me – they may help someone else break their writer’s block too!

Give yourself a break

It is ok to get writer’s block and it is ok to have a break! I had to learn to accept that this was ok, that everyone sometimes need to recharge their batteries. I found myself feeling guilty that I wasn’t writing, the only things I wanted to write about i couldn’t publish! I had a rest, no pressure to write, just time to chill and recoup.  It will mean that when you go back to it you are raring to go and full of energy!

Get out and about

Fresh air works wonders! I started doing the school run on the bus (not through choice if I am honest) but it gave me the opportunity to walk a bit too and I liked it. I found that I could see the world, breathe and gain inspiration. I would get off the bus and sit at the bus stop for ten minutes, just watching, drinking in the atmosphere, taking note of the world around me – it became inspiring.Just give your self time to breathe, at the park on a walk or in your garden! Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 11.08.03

Rediscover things you are passionate about

This is a hard one as it depends on whether you know what you are passionate about, when i lose motivation or become a bit low I find it difficult to focus on things I enjoy. But I know there are things, I love being creative, especially with the kids. I am passionate about my family and seeing them smile. Instead of writing I picked up a book and read, I found some new writers and helped me to enjoy words again. We made plans as a family, time together, time away from day to day life and things that were just fun – these have helped re-light a fire in me and have often found me thinking – I can blog about this!

Spend time with people you love

Continuing from above, people who you love are inspiring by nature. Spend time with them, enjoy time with them and find that your want to write about life will increase. I have spent a week with my Dad who lives abroad, I found that during the week I started to think about sharing things on social media more and thinking ‘i could blog about this’ or ‘I know a linky for this day out’.

Write about anything for fun

Don’t force yourself to blog, write for fun. I have been writing with a real pen and paper!! Just jotting stuff down, writing limericks and poems and just trying to think of words. None of these will be published anywhere, it just helped get some words flowing. I also got a great little book for Christmas – 642 tiny things to write about! It is full of prompts to write about – Things like ‘tweet the original storyline of star wars’, ‘describe your most recent kiss’ and ‘write about a time you broke a bone’. It is brilliant for making you think and it is fun! Again, it is not for publishing just to help you keep your words flowing! Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 10.51.57The good news is that i think my words are back, i actually want to write again and am looking forward to getting some stuff down on paper/the internet. I will keep doing ‘real life’ too though – that where the best inspiration comes froms!!

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  1. It’s so lovely to have you back – i missed you. I agree though thst everyone should only write if they want to. Unless it is vital to keep a roof over your head or food on the table, it’ll be virtually impossible to write anything you are pleased with. We all need a break occasionally – from just about anything. Im pleased you have made good use of the time you took back. Hopefully writing wiĺl be a pleasure for you again now – until the next break! 🙂

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