May 16

You know you are a parent when…

You know in life there is always something you would like to buy but you can’t afford to, or you just can’t prioritise it over food, clothing or bills!

Remember the days when those things were things like nights out on the pop, a new extra large TV, a romantic getaway or a jukebox for the dining room?

Well, when the things you want to buy change to a wardrobe for little girl’s dresses, a bookshelf for children’s books or a Toy Box…..you know you have become a parent!

Yep, that is my current wishlist of things that would help in the house, once we have them, maybe I can dream of a romantic getaway which includes watching tv, listening to a jukebox and being out on the pop!!

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  1. KidzOutdoors

    Know the feeling well!

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