Jun 24

‘Your Pie, Your Way!’ Pork Farms Hamper Giveaway

We love a good buffet, inviting over friends, putting out the food and letting people select what they want to eat, nibbling throughout the day – Awesome!

There is always pork pie too and people love to eat it in so many different ways, with pickle, with sauce, on it’s own, with salad! Even the way it is cut; into fours, sliced or just grabbed as one and bitten into!

Pork Farms has launched its new campaign ‘Your Pie Your Way’

Over the next three months, Pork Farms is giving everyone that purchases one of their delicious pork pies the chance to win £100 every day, and the chance to win a £2,500 jackpot, by sharing details of their pork pie eating habits in 30 words or less at www.yourpieyourway.co.uk . Pork Farms pork pies are very versatile. Whether paired with peas, smothered with tangy pickle, shared with friends, or gobbled on the run, there are many ways to enjoy one of the nation’s favourite snacks. 

So, how are they eaten in our house? Well, they most often get eaten on the side of the above said buffet, or a sandwich or dipped in tomato sauce! But I asked husband what is the best way to eat them and he said ‘in a ploughman’s, cheese, ham, pork pie, pickle, salad and pickled onions!’ – yes he was almost drooling at the thought!

Pork farms did their own research and the top ten choices came out as:

1 – On its own – 20 per cent

2 – Pickle – 13 per cent

3 – Mustard – 11 per cent

4 – Brown sauce – 8 per cent

5 – Salad – 8 per cent

6 – Chutney – 7 per cent

7 – Tomato sauce – 7 per cent

8 – Cheese – 3 per cent

9 – Salad Cream – 3 per cent

10 – Baked beans, crisps, gravy, mushy peas – 2 per cent of the votes each

So, if you are now hungry I have two awesome things to tell you, the first is that you can pop over to the Pork Farms facebook page for info

The second thing is the lovely folks at Pork Farm are giving you the opportunity to win a Fab Foodie Hamper filled with picnic goodies! (Contents may differ slightly from the photo!). Just complete the RaffleCopter to enter the draw!


a Rafflecopter giveaway – ended and link deleted


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  1. ashleigh

    With branston pickle!

  2. laura banks

    has to be dunking it in mayo

  3. Cheryl Pasquier

    With salad and cherry tomatoes

  4. Kath V

    Pork Pie and pickle in this house @kathvbtn

  5. Lynsey Buchanan

    with mashed potato & mushy peas

  6. melanie stirling

    With onion chutney

  7. mel brecks

    has to be honey mustard 😛

  8. Barenakedmummy

    I have mine with pickle, pickled onions, cheese and salad. A very filling ploughmans


  9. Yolanda Barker

    ohhhh some chutney 🙂

  10. christine taylor

    I take it straight from the fridge and cut it into 4 equal sized pieces. I then enjoy, one by one.

    @v82chris x

  11. Agata Pokutycka

    with salad

  12. Jayne T

    Cut in half and serve with a big plate of salad.

  13. greig spencer

    dipped in salad cream

  14. Gemma Mills / Chamberlain (MyMillsBaby)

    Is it wrong to say I like mine with gravy??

  15. Lotte

    I don’t share 🙂

    Lotte xo

  16. Anna

    With crispy salad @anna8301

  17. Frances hopkins

    With Pickle

  18. Julie Fisher

    I like pork pies with cheese and pickles

  19. Becky John

    With wholegrain mustard

  20. Lucy Durling

    It was always brown sauce for me but lately I have the fruity sauce works just as well

  21. Evey Moffat

    I eat pork pies on their own. Love them :O)

  22. ang dunne

    I love pork pies.
    I usually have it on its own – one lovely bite at a time.
    The mini size pork pies are my favourite snack between meals.

  23. Cheryl Kean

    Has to be brown sauce…… MMMmmmmm

  24. Pat Stubbs

    with Mrs Balls spicy chutney – luvverly

  25. helen battle

    I have mine with a crispy salad and sweet and spicy chutney

  26. iain maciver

    straight from the packaging

  27. Vicky Cole

    Just on its own – I like to savour the taste

  28. Gillian Holmes

    With salad

  29. Amanda Richardson

    with a big helping of coleslaw, mmmmmm….. yummylicious!!

  30. Mignon McKelvey

    It has to be with brown sauce

  31. tracy baines

    I don’t ruin it I just eat it on it’s own

  32. Anthony Webster

    Cold with salad cream mmmm

  33. Sylvia Burrows

    with mayonnaise

  34. Michael Ambler

    Plain and simple with a smidge of tomato sauce

  35. aj

    On a Ploughmans lunch

  36. Mia Fergusson

    With lots of ketchup


    cold………..with a fresh crisp salad

  38. Elaine Dale

    just on its own

  39. kathleen hooper

    with pickle and strong cheese

  40. Susan Ellams

    love to serve with pickle and cheese

  41. pete

    cold, and with coleslaw

  42. Jane Willis

    with beetroot and red onion relish

  43. Maya Russell

    I’d serve it thinly sliced, with different chutneys.

  44. Mark Allen

    English mustard, loads of it.

  45. Laura Pritchard

    With gravy mmm!

  46. katie skeoch

    with salad cream & cherry tomatoes

  47. Sue Obrien

    With pickle and a salad. Yum!

  48. claire griffiths

    on a salad with branston pickle yummy 🙂

  49. Hazel Rea

    With onion relish.

  50. Sandra Clarke

    With a sald.

  51. Helen Dickinson

    I like to serve mine with ketchup 🙂

  52. Patricia Edwards

    with sweet chilli sauce for me and my Husband prefers branston pickle

  53. Arabella Bazley

    On it’s own usually as it rarely makes it to the plate 🙂

  54. Karen Harrison

    As quickly as possible before it gets pinched!

  55. Helen

    Ideally with egg in the middle at a picnic


    With a tossed salad and a bit of coleslaw

  57. Karen Barrett

    With a large chunk of creamy, crumbly Lancashire cheese, cherry toms, pickles and crusty bread.

  58. Christina Curtis

    Dipped in Pickle.

  59. Karen Whittaker

    With tomatoes and home made pickle

  60. Janice Smith

    With a home-made chutney

  61. vivian allman

    with cheese and salad..


    Cold dipped in brown sauce & English mustard

  63. Janet Higgins

    Just as it comes

  64. Janice Street

    On its own, no pickle, nothing added

  65. Debbie B

    With a glass of cold, fizzy elderflower cordial

  66. Stephanie Burchatt

    Warmed in the microwave with cheese on the top! Mmm….

  67. Lisa Clark

    Tomato sauce on the side.



  69. moira stewart

    fantastic as it is!!!

  70. Sharon

    I love it with a blob of English mustard, but my fave is on a ploughmans type plate, with cheeses and pickles, with a sqiurt of salad cream. Yes, common as muck I know, but yum yum 🙂

  71. Emma Howard

    Cold with salad in the summer, warmed with baked beans in the winter!

  72. Anthea Barton

    On a plate with picallily and a glass of white wine

  73. Jenny @ The Brick Castle


  74. esther james

    Warmed up with chilli chutney

  75. Hannah

    With roast potatoes is lovely and gravy

  76. Philip Thomas Boyle

    Mash potatoes peas and Worcestershire sauce.

  77. Claire Toplis

    with mayonnaise

  78. Karen Richards

    On it’s own as I usually eat it on the go.

  79. Charlotte Hoskins

    On its own for me 🙂

  80. catherine killen

    With a little dollop of HP sauce- yum!

  81. Dawn Henson

    I like Pork Pie with Mushy Peas and lots of Mint Sauce!!

  82. Kim

    I love pork pie with coleslaw, mmmm making me hungry just thinking about it 🙂

  83. joanne holton

    tomatoe sauce!!

  84. mands manc (@mandsmanc)

    ~Open the pack and eat, can never wait!!

  85. Jane Henshaw

    I like my pork pie with a bit of piccalilli…..

  86. sharma gaskill

    Definitely with cheese and pickles. x



  88. Angie Hoggett

    with extra mature cheddar and chutney

  89. Glynis O'Halloran

    I am torn between brown sauce and pickle but I think maybe brown sauce wins!

  90. Andrew Halliwell

    I just eat it as it is.

  91. liz denial

    with chutney

  92. Emma Sant

    With mustard.

  93. Angela Norton

    Plain, warmed in the oven.

  94. helen atkins

    with brown sauce

  95. Laura

    With pickle

  96. Elinor Bevan

    Straight out of the packet – Usually in the supermarket carpark! 🙂

  97. Anthea Holloway

    With some of my homemade mango chutney!

  98. dawn sansum

    love pork pie cut into 4 with piclkles

  99. Sylvia Paul

    With Branston Pickle

  100. Jayne K

    With coleslaw

  101. kylie johnson

    fine as it is 🙂

  102. hazel Markland

    With salad and a pickled onion yum x

  103. Rob Clayton

    Mint Sauce and mushy peas

  104. William Gould

    On it’s own or as part of a salad.

  105. sheridarby

    With mustard

  106. Petra Hora

    with salad

  107. Karl Foxley

    With English Mustard…

  108. Eleanor Powell

    Pork pie and pickle

  109. Nancy Bradford

    Cold at a pub with a nice cold beer.

  110. Naomi Buchan

    Hot with mushy peas and mint sauce.

  111. Dave Edwards

    I like mine au naturel… on their own!

  112. Jo Booth

    On its own, cold, cut into segments 🙂

  113. Stacy Fenemore

    My son eats it on the bus from the supermarket, I don’t get a look in 🙁

  114. Kenneth Brehaut

    pork pie

  115. dorothy cavender

    I slice it and have it between 2 pieces of buttered bread and wholegrain mustard !

  116. Susan Seaman

    as they are perfection doesnt need any help x


    with pickled shallots !

  118. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    With olives!!!

  119. russ

    cut in half with some creamy coleslaw

  120. Rachael Donovan

    I pull the middle out and pick the jelly off! then eat the pastry and save the best for last the yummy meat 🙂

  121. Sheila Reeves

    On it’s own, maybe a bit of pickle on the side

  122. tony houghton

    on its own

  123. helena

    It has to be warmed up with mushy peas and mint sauce, simply divine!!

  124. Jane Callan

    Tomato sauce

  125. Sherry Poppy Owen

    On its own if cold – with tomato sauce if warm!

  126. Joanna Sadler

    With branston pickle, salad, a wedge of stilton and a nice cold glass of white wine!

  127. Daphne Mueller

    just with mustard

  128. Alexandra Blue

    a nice big pie sliced evenly and shared with family in the great outdoors

  129. stephanie mccafferty


  130. Christina Cooke

    I eat my pork pie with Branston pickle and a big salad

  131. Kim Lee

    With tomato ketchup.

  132. Kelly Dutton

    With some Branston pickle

  133. Liana

    Straight from the fridge!

  134. katarzyna kapusta

    with cheese 🙂

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