Yucky Cold and Sterimar

Well, I knew it was going to happen, and it had to happen the weekend I was going away. I caught a cold, not just a little one either and great big gross, yucky, snotty, cough cold!

Obviously this is not good, especially as I finished work yesterday for over a weeks leave and I am due to go away on a girly weekend today, but it does mean that I got to try out the Sterimar nasal spray. Unfortunately the first time I sprayed it didn’t notice a difference, maybe I didn’t do it right as the second time I had a clearer nostril! Ah breathing is so nice!

As this is the season of colds aswell as goodwill Sterimar have spoken to Dr. Catherine Hood to find out some Top Tips to Unblock Little Noses, as blocked noses and children are not a great mix, here are the tips:

· Use a seawater spray to loosen mucous secretions.
· Ease congestion by humidifying the air.  Put a bowl of water on the radiator in the nursery, use an electric humidifier or carry your baby into a steamy bathroom.
· Raise the head of the cot slightly to help ease congestion at night.
· Use a bulb syringe carefully to unblock the nostrils and remove mucous.
· Menthol or eucalyptus can help breathing. Put menthol in a bowl of water in the nursery, use a plug in vaporizer or put some aromatic oil on a tissue and place it in the cot.  Some inhalants can irritate young babies so follow the product advice.
· Give frequent, small feeds if the baby is finding it hard to feed.

So next time our little ones have blocked noses, we will being giving the Sterimar Baby Spray a go!

I was sent the Sterimar Nasal Spray for the purpose of this post.

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