1st Anniversary Gifts

My brother and his wife are very shortly celebrating their first anniversary, so I have searched the internet, spoke to friends and even asked on Twitter in my quest for a gift. There are so many gorgeous things out there I thought I would share some of the suggestions!

Traditionally a gift for a first anniversary should be made out of paper, so here’s what I found. Apart from a newspaper from the wedding day, money (notes of course) or a cheque, sticking strictly to ‘paper’ is tough so some of the gifts fit the bill quite loosely!

I personally am an Art lover, and always think a gift of art is awesome, within this there are many choices for a ‘paper’ gift. One of my favourites is a Typographic Print (Printed on paper of course), a perfect gift made from words you supply, if you are not sure how fabulous they are check out MORE THAN WORDS – I will one day have one of these hanging on my wall! Another option is a fantasy photo which features the happy couple in a scene that suits them, PHOTO FAIRYTALES is a great example of these (I have one in my living room and it always gets a comment) and of course, photo paper is still paper!

As a newly married couple you always have need for photo albums – to put pictures from your wedding that people give to you, or to file away the pictures of all the ‘firsts’ you did in that first year, DOTTIE DESIGNS has some beautiful ones made from textured mulberry paper (they also do some fab keepsake boxes)

If you want a personal touch, how about writing a poem, if you like the idea of poetry but don’t have the words to do it yourself, speak to someone like I WANT A POEM who can do it for you. Also check out FUNKY PIDGEON and their personalised notebooks!

So to the items that are really loose when fulfilling the paper part of the gift how about a book on origami – give them something to do together, tickets for a gig (well the gig is not paper but the tickets are), Cupcakes in paper case or a cardboard gift box (check out someone like STAR BAKERY who do so many awesome designs!)

So you are probably wondering what I am going to give my brother and sister in law as a gift, well I have decided to go with a toilet roll as suggested by a Twitter friend – well it’s paper and useful! I will probably get a ‘proper’ gift too but as of yet I haven’t decided what – there are just too many good things out there!


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    • Lisa on June 28, 2010 at 07:24
    • Reply

    Thank you for your lovely comments recommending More Than Words!

    • Dottie Designs on June 28, 2010 at 09:35
    • Reply

    Thank you so much for including Dottie Designs in your blog!

    • Sarah Thexton on June 28, 2010 at 12:38
    • Reply

    Thank you so much for the PhotoFairytales mention! It was a great pleasure to work on your photo, and I’m DELIGHTED to hear that it’s hanging on your wall!!

    Sarah :o)

    • Liana on June 30, 2010 at 11:49
    • Reply

    Thanks for giving my little bakery a mention!! I hope your brother and his wife have a great anniversary x

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