A Charity Helping Badger!

I think Badgers are adorable and I love helping charities, and bizarrely this post is kind of about both!

Firstly let me tell you that The Happy Badger is an absolute Diamond! I know some of you have met him already, but let me tell you a little about him!

The Happy Badger is a friend of ao.com (aka Appliances online) and he has a mission in life to spread Happiness across the blogosphere, he is happily skipping from blog to blog to donate some money to the bloggers chosen charity!

I am very excited to say that the lovely Badger has offered to donate £50 to The Ear Foundation.

The Ear Foundation is a charity that is local to us and we were first introduced to them by a friend.

“The Ear Foundation, having brought cochlear implants for children to the UK in 1989, now provides services which bridge the gap between the clinics where these exciting technologies are fitted and the local community where they are used in everyday life.”

We know what good stuff The Ear Foundation do, as our friends son has cochlear implants and the family have been supported hugely by the charity.

It is an amazing charity and I am so grateful that the Happy Badger has offered to give them this donation, and in turn given me the opportunity to spread the word a little bit about this fab charity!

So, do you fancy a donation to a charity of your choice? If so, vIsit the Happy Badger Site and let him know through his contact form.

Help him spread happiness – after all it is what he is missioned to do!


    • Denise on August 11, 2013 at 20:54
    • Reply

    Well done xx

    • Jo C on August 14, 2013 at 14:45
    • Reply

    On behalf of everyone here at The Ear Foundation, thank you for all your help in supporting profoundly deaf children, young people and adults who use the latest hearing technologies – people forget it’s not just hearing aids that are available these days, and your support and fundraising will help our Charity’s work hugely. Thank you! 🙂

    1. You are more than welcome, happy to support the great work you do! 🙂

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