A (non Britmums live) Saturday in the Life of me

I was unable to go to Britmums Live this year and I was reading all the tweets about how great it was I decided to think about how I would be spending my day, so here is a ‘day in the life of MoolBoots (that’s me)’!


5:50 am – I’m awake, why am I awake?! No-one else is awake, it’s Saturday and I have no reason to be up – Go Back To Sleep!!

7:38 am – I am awake again, slowly open one eye – just one – and check the time. Phew it is 7:38, a much better time…….and I can hear the kids coming this way!

7:55 am – I get up and head downstairs with the children in the attempt to give Hubby a lie in.

lego8:05 am – Arguing ensues over the one piece of Lego they both must have out of the 362,938 (Approx) pieces we own!

8:30 am – Daddy is up, breakfast is served and peace is restored.

cup9:30 am – Cup of tea in hand, Lego building resumed, TV on…..this could be a relaxing day after all.

10:15 – ‘Discuss with Hubby about who has a shower first (loosely translated to who gets 10 minutes to themselves first).  I lose and have to wait.

11:00 – Monkey and Mouse are desperate to get to the school fair that starts at 11 o’clock and they mustn’t miss a single second, yet neither of them are washed or dressed yet!

11:38 am – Finally we are leaving for the fair armed with pennies to play some games and have a go on the tombola. There is a massive black cloud above as we drive there and we are hoping not to get caught in the rain.

umbrella11:50 pm – We got caught in the rain and are now all soaked to the skin

12:30 pm – Kids are eating hot dogs and hubby is going for his second Cuppa Tea, we have played Hooplah, pin the flag on the map, throw the superhero through the hole and had multiple goes on the tombola and now we are watching two ten-year olds singing Uptown Funk – Hot Damn!!!

1:00 pm – Been roped into manning a stall thanks to the kids, to be honest I love that they want to help and that they wanted to give the teacher a break. It was kinda fun too!

foot2:30 pm – Home with our swag; the bottle of wine I won on the raffle, the smellies from the tombola and the teddies the kids won (because we needed more of them!). Football is on the TV and the kids have become Indiana Jones and a Chef and are playing upstairs. The plan is for a relaxing afternoon!

kel5:30pm – Had a little nap, felt a bit rubbish. Not sure why but at times I feel completely weary and have to sleep. Feel much better now though!

8:00pm – Kids are in bed, takeaway ordered, glass of wine poured and film on the TV.

A bit different to what I would have been doing in London if I had gone to Britmums, but a great day and a lovely evening to spend with Hubby. I love my family and find that the simple things are the things I enjoy the most!

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