A year in photos

Another catch up post so 9 photos in my year!


Feel absolutely worn out today. Had a long, long day at work. Some good news though, all checks went through fine on the house and we will be meeting the landlady this friday to pick up the keys!


The packing has started and already I have discovered that I don’t like it! I mean where do you start…..


We got the keys! This means it is really happening, we are moving house! Best get the packing brain in gear!


A lovely day spent with family to celebrate my baby brother’s birthday, ok maybe he is not a baby anymore (he turn 34!) but will always be my baby brother!


A nice way to end a sunday having a meal with the in laws; Halloumi Salad is the way forward – it was delicious!


Back to the packing, and the important stuff is ready to go – my baking stuff is all boxed up!

I missed three days worth of photos as I was under a pile of boxes!


We have started to move boxes over to the new abode, really exciting to be moving, but quite scary with how much there is to move!


Unpacked some boxes today, starting to feel like we are getting somewhere….slowly!


Had a bit of a day off the  moving of stuff today. Monkey went to a quasar party so treated Mouse to a walk down by the brook followed by a cake and a drink (FYI the iced coffee is mine not mouses!).

Hope you have had a good week!


  1. I can’t believe how quickly your move is happening, exciting but tiring times!

    1. It does seem to be happening really quickly and we are shattered, but will be worth it in the end!

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