A Year in Photos

I have challenged myself to try to complete a daily photo challenge.

I started one last year on my other blog but I didn’t do very well. This year i have decided to give it a go on my instagram account. I love photos so am on instagram most days anyway browsing others pictures and posting my own. I dont expect that I will do all 365 as sometimes life will get in the way, but I am going to give it a good go!

Please follow me on Instagram ( _moolboots ) to see the daily updates.  I am hoping to also do a weekly round-up of the photos here.

So, here is the first weeks rounds up; as the first day of the year was a Thursday, it is just a four-day week this week!Project 365 Week 1

This week we have


The first day of the new year means a brand new calendar, we have one for a different column for each member of the family and each month has a little quote on the bottom. January’s is ‘There’s heaps of cool fun to be found outdoors’ which is apt as this year I want to get out and about more with the children; just to explore!


Snacks! After a very busy festive period we had a day just the four of us, we settled down to a pyjama day and decided to watch some films. Sound of Music was on the TV and I never thought it would be something a 4 and 6 year old would sit and watch but they loved it


The parent’s in law visited today with some delayed Christmas Pressies for me. I am really trying to turn my kitchen into a grown ups kitchen and these will help. A marble rolling-pin – living the dream!


We decided to do a bit of a stroll around the city centre and have a look at the sales, not something we have done for years. We treated ourselves to some bits and had a really nice day!

 I hope I can continue with the project, I like seeing weeks in photos!

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  1. They look like yummy film snacks! It looks like you got some nice sale bargains too!

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