Jun 24

Alphabet Photo – Xylotomous

“Xylotomous” – I love this word, it is a relatively new word to me but I think it is fab! The definition of it is ‘wood-cutting’, so I have decided to share this photoIMG_6459We went to a wood festival, people were doing all sorts with wood there and this was one of the men showing off their skills! Now, I don’t know for definite that I have interpreted the wood cutting right, but this man is definitely cutting wood. He is using a chain saw to shape a log into an amazing bird piece of art! It was amazing to watch and he is such a talented man. So, buy xenicals 120 online http://medicines4all.com/product/xenical/ buy xenical Online from medicines4all – weight loss and weight maintenance, linking up to the Podcasts Alphabet Photo – X is for Xylotomous!


  1. Sara | mumturnedmom

    What a brilliant word, I’ve learnt something new today! Great image, the carving looks amazing x #alphabetphoto

  2. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    I love that word! I may have to find a use for it today, it sounds fab. I’d love to have that sort of artistic talent, bet it looked amazing when it was finished.

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