#AlphabetPhoto O is for……….

There is only one plant I have managed to keep going, ok it is a plant that has pretty much kept itself going but I am still going to take credit! It is the easiest plant I have ever cared for. I was given it whilst I was on maternity leave not long after I had given by work colleagues.

All I have to do is give it a tiny bit of water now and again and maybe turn the pot slightly to be able to give it room. The plants die off and come back, it is brilliant.

The best thing about it though is that it is so pretty, pink and pretty! However much or little water I give it, it still blooms. It is amazing!

Unlike the photo, it is a quick snap I took on my mobile, but the Orchid shines through!

O is for Orchid.  Linking up with PodCast’s Alphabet Photo.orchid


  1. Oh maybe I’ll have to try one! I do love plants but always manage to kill them off!

  2. I do love orchids, about the only house plant I haven’t managed to kill

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