Nov 11

Aunt Bessie’s #HalfTermFood Challenge

School Holidays, weekends, evenings, whenever…how do you make a quick, easy, cheap, healthy (ish), family dinner?  Well,

You take two mini chefs (and a grown up to help)

Add a packet of Aunt Bessie’s deliciously Honey Glazed Roast Parsnips

Whilst they are turning an ideal shade of brown, add a packet of Aunt Bessie’s Perfectly Mashed Carrot and Swede to a pan and allow to cook

Once cooked, dish up and add some fun

And then serve 

So, our menu is

Bonfire surprise

A bed of carrot and swede topped with parsnips served with Mushy peas

(the kids also suggested hotdogs as it is near firework night!)

Aunt Bessie’s Sticky Toffee Pudding

Perfect for those who have a second little dessert tummy!

This is our entry into the #HalfTermFood Linky challenge from BritMums, sponsored by Aunt Bessie’s) *NB: Don’t eat the lego man, it is both unhealthy and untasty.


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  1. jenny paulin (@JennyPaulin)

    hee hee i like what you have made here! very inventive and fun

    1. Kel

      🙂 Thank you

  2. Kate on Thin Ice

    Loving the fun and creative use of Aunt Bessies products. Who doesn’t love the delight of sticky toffee pudding, comfort food on cold nights.

    1. Kel

      Thank you 🙂

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