Autumn Crafts with Baker Ross

Baker Ross have such a wide range of crafts, there really are some for every season! Now the nights are drawing in and the kids want to be inside in the warm a bit more, there are some perfect crafts for the Autumn and we were sent some to take a look at!

What better way to start Autumn than with a great Woodland Animals Cross Stitch Kit, the kit includes five animals to choose from, plastic needles and 6 very bright and colourful threads!

There are no safety concerns with the threading as the needle is plastic with a bobble on the end, perfect for little fingers to use. There is an added bonus of instructions on the back of the card, so Monkey and Mouse were able to be independent and do the craft themselves!

The kids (particularly Mouse) love sewing, it makes her feel very grown up, it is a great craft for parents too as it doesn’t make too much mess! Another craft that is in the same vein with the Sewing and little mess is the Hedgehog Sewing kits!   I love these and think they would be my pick to do. In the pack you get two hedgehog cushion to sew and it includes everything you need to do it; the material, the thread, the stuffing and the eyes!

The added bonus of this is that both the kids have created something that they love; one is being used as a cushion for other teddies to lie on in bed and the other has become a happy part of the teddy family!

Something else that is happening this Autumn, that doesn’t happen every Autumn is the Rugby World Cup! Now to be honest we are more of a football family, but this craft is perfect for fans of both. In fact Mouse used this craft as a gift for her Granny on her autumn birthday – Granny isn’t a fan of sport but loves magnets; so perfect for her too!


In the Wooden Trophy Magnets kit you get the wooden blanks of the trophies and the magnet strips (self sticking) to attach to the back! You simply decorate, stick the magnet on an voila – it is done!

Both Monkey and the Mouse loved these and they just keep thinking of more people they can do one for, another one is ready to go to a relative for their next birthday (but I can’t say who because they don’t know yet!). We would definitely buy these again, for all occasions!

I am a massive fan of Baker Ross and am very happy to tell you about the fab crafts, the Monkey and Mouse are fast becoming massive fans too and want to know what else they have got, luckily for me we have been sent a few more to look at, so another craft session will be on it’s way very shortly – keep your eye out for the next review!


    • Fiona Martin on September 24, 2015 at 20:48
    • Reply

    They are great crafts aren’t they, my two loved the hedgehogs too and they both enjoyed colouring the trophies.

    • Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One on September 25, 2015 at 09:26
    • Reply

    I love those hedgehogs. Monkey’s taken a real liking to sewing at school so these would be great.

    • Eileen Teo on September 27, 2015 at 01:07
    • Reply

    I love baker Ross kit too. They are so affordable and great for kids.

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