Birthdays and Birthday Cakes.

We have a busy time at the end of March that includes two birthdays and an anniversary on .

We got Married in March 2007 and Monkey was born 8 dyas before our first anniversary. When I was pregnant with Mouse we were given the due date of 22nd March 2010 – the day before Monkey’s 2nd birthday. She didn’t arrive in time for the birthday ice cream and came three days after his birthday.

So this week we saw Monkey turning 7 and Mouse turning 5. Unfortunately due to us having had bad illness in the house no major plans were put in place and no big party was planned.  There is a party in the pipeline now we are all starting to feel better but they enjoyed their quiet days!

Monkey got up early and was over the moon with some chocolate cereal and a Choc au pain for breakfast. He opened a few pressies (apparently the remote control dragon was epic!) and then headed off to school where he had loads of fun with his friends.

Mouse’s day followed the same path although she slept in a bit (must be like me wanting a lie in on her big day!). Mouse fell instantly in love with her new lalaloopsy doll and was a little disappointed when she couldn’t wear her new frozen dress to school.

After school we headed to their choice for tea (yes I have had two McDonalds in a week) and then home for the main surprise of their day – their cake!

As I hadn’t been able to plan much else for the day I was determined to make their cakes:RmnEbN0C88H5slJ4IUm1WlFWOt5jOVMTIOb01EnjAtc 2yeTSn_14aM4eEOMj_vxkhNSe4AtwMhXQof2mH82QBo


Although they are not perfect both Monkey and Mouse were over the moon with their cake! Do you bake birthday cakes?


  1. Those cakes look fabulous!! Well done! I usually (well every year since they were born) make their cakes but I cheated this year with Miss M’s due to time etc. They must have been so excited when they saw them, hope they both had lovely days, it sounds like it! Oh and Happy Anniversary, it was ours on Saturday, March is fairly busy for us too!

  2. They look brilliantL yes, I do try to bake it but no promise. Lol

  3. You know how to time things don’t you LOL It sounds like they both had lovely birthdays and your cakes are brilliant. I always make ours even if they don’t look great the effort you put into them means so much.

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