Book Review: A Whole New World

Parragon’s new imprint ‘Paper Rocket’ for young adult fiction will feature an exciting array of both Disney and Marvel fiction titles for tweens and teens. There will be fantasy, thrillers and illustrated novels all written by best-selling authors such as Stan Lee and Margaret Stohl.

We have been lucky enough to take a look at ‘A whole new world’, a story you haven’t heard before! This is not only the first title to be published under Paper Rocket, but is also the first title  in a thrilling series that puts a twist in much-loved tales, looking at what would happen if things did not work out as planned in stories you already love!.

A twisted Tale!13576446_10157152848615445_1950133390_n

What if Aladdin had never found the lamp?

With Jafar in possession of the lamp and determined to break the laws of magic and gain control over love and death, the deposed Princess Jasmine and Aladdin must unite the people of Agrabah in rebellion to stop the new power-mad ruler. But their fight for freedom soon grows costly, threatening to tear the kingdom apart.

I love this concept; bringing classic tales with a twist. Something new and exciting to an old tale! This book is aimed at older children and it is perfectly written for them; with the recognisable characters and the fun inside it is perfect for Monkey.

It is certainly a book that can’t be put down and there is a queue of people wanting to read it – apparently I have to wait as Daddy is next!

We love that it has similarities to the story we already know, we love that it is written in the way a child can read alone or together with a parent and we love that it is a twisted tale! We will definitely be looking out for the next one in this series.

As a bonus we were sent a lovely Aladdin’s lamp necklace, I just have to work out now whether I am going to be allowed to keep it or whether it will be whisked away to Mouse’s collection!


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  1. I love the twist of the story.

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